Twitch announces greater visibility of the ban –

Twitch declared that his ban system It will be full Renewed And that there would be more clarity on the reasons for the measures taken against the banners.

Twitch’s ban system is notorious for its obscurity. Often times those who have been banned can only try to guess why they are being punished. Recently, there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the bans due to the word “crackerThe controversy involved many dignitaries, who complained of the arbitrariness of judgment and the difficulty of abiding by rules when these common words were concerned. In short, danger is suddenly banned without even understanding why, given that hardly anyone can suppose that such a word is punishable.

Amouranth has received many bans in his career

Twitch Vice President Angela Hessian told The Washington Post that the platform is working behind the scenes to block accompanying notifications. Explainer videos which makes the reason for the judgment clearly understood. Hsian talked about “more details”, so in addition to the videos there can also be text cues that are more specific than those currently, but nothing specific is mentioned about them. However, in this way, the live streamers will be able to appeal more easily, should they deem the ban unfair, and they will be able to communicate more clearly with their fan base about the reasons for leaving.

Currently, only blocked people will receive an email stating they have violated the rules, without a description of what they said or did.

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