Twist, I found better planets than Earth for life

A new study published in Nature Astronomy used modeling to find that super-Earths – rocky worlds larger than ours – can support dense atmospheres that allow water to remain on their surface even if they are far from their star.

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“What we found is that in many cases the primordial atmosphere was lost due to the intense radiation of the stars, especially on planets close to their star. In cases where the atmospheres remain, the right conditions for water can occur,” study author Mariet Moll-Loss said in a statement. the questioner.”

“[W] Here sufficient geothermal heat reaches the surface, the radiation of a star like the Sun is not necessary until the surface conditions that allow liquid water to exist.”

Obviously, our goal is to find Earth-like planets, orbiting stars similar to our own. The process is not so simple. Once we find these characteristics, we will be able to focus the new generation of telescopes there and learn more about these two double exoplanets.

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