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Twilight Beach, the Australian super beach on Instagram by Lady Gaga

An Instagram story by Lady Gaga made this beach go around the world. And who has not heard of it, after watching the video on the social network, has already decided on the next travel destination: Australia.

The wonderful beach is called Twilight BeachTwilight Beach. Just to put it, it is located near the city of Esperance, the most famous city and the closest to this paradise is Perth, in Western Australia, which is actually 700 kilometers away. If you have been to Australia, you know that the distances here are enormous and that to get from one place to another you always have to calculate very long times.

Esperance is located in a small bay that has one of the most beautiful views in Australia, some of the whitest beaches and the clearest waters in the country. And Twilight Bay, where the aforementioned beach is located Lady GagaOne of those, where white sand meets turquoise water.

But its peculiarity, which also makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, gives it some Pink granite cliffs Very smooth flowing into the sea: it is one of the most scenic coastlines in Australia.

This part of the coast crosses one of Australia’s most spectacular routes, the Great Ocean Trail. Its length is 17 km and is crossed every year by many trekking and cycling enthusiasts (but this can also be done with a wheelchair), half of the path runs along the beautiful Esperance coast.

The rest of the trail goes through bushland until you reach the famous Pink Lagoon, a pink saltwater lake whose gum color is caused by bacteria that produce a dye of this pastel color.

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The Esperance coast offers an extraordinary and unique landscape in the world. Another of the neighboring beaches, Lucky bay, with one of the whitest sands in Australia. It is famous for the kangaroos that come here to lie down and enjoy the sunshine. A sight that can only be admired in this part of Australia. In contrast, out at sea, it is not unusual to see dolphins splashing around in the transparent waters.

In the distance, beautiful uninhabited islandsArchipelago RechercheHundreds of islands where you can experience the Robinson Crusoe experience. Here you can take day trips or stay at Woody Island Nature Reserve, where the only activities are woodland walking, swimming, snorkeling, and fishing. And watch little wallabies skip here and there.

The beautiful Twilight Beach in Western Australia

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