Twelve miners were still stuck in a gold mine in China for more than a week alive

according to stated The official Chinese news agency XinhuaTwelve miners stranded in a gold mine near Qixia, Shandong Province, 600 kilometers southeast of Beijing for more than a week, are still alive. On January 10, 22 workers were trapped in a tunnel at the mine, which was still under construction, due to an explosion that cut off the vents and damaged communications systems. State notification They said The miners were able to send a note to rescuers saying that 12 of them are alive and asking them not to stop looking for them, while there is no confirmed news about the 10 other miners in the group.

Through a small channel, rescuers were able to lower a rope into the tunnel where the miners were located, and send them food, medicine, pen and paper. Meanwhile, other miners have begun digging some service tunnels that are supposed to facilitate rescue operations.

This is not the first time that such accidents have occurred in Chinese mines: in Others Occasions Many miners have been stranded and died due to explosions or carbon monoxide spills, which also occur due to poor organization in mines. Among other things, both the mayor of Qixia and the local secretary of the Communist Party were dismissed due to the reporting of the accident more than one day after the time it happened.

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