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Social media in the name of the great sport (with Chinese Tik Tok on the rise in the guide). This achieved a tangible benefit in favor of television media last September, according to surveys conducted by the Institute sensory makersthe sporty combination of Formula 1 (Win the World Championship Max Verstappen After the Suzuka match in Japan), Roger Federer’s farewell to European tennis and basketball has pushed user interactions a lot.

Social: Formula 1, tennis and the TikTok effect

The push generated by social networks has produced particularly significant benefits for Sky Sport Formula One (doubling participation data and video views) on the wings of the Formula 1 Grand Prix held in Monza. With the post regarding Ferragnez’s presence in the ring making the audience soar. In this regard, it is worth noting that the satellite network renewed the agreement on the transmission rights of the Grand Auto Circus until 2027. Eurosport is also very good (opinions are more than 400% thanks to Facebook) on the tennis wings. In addition to Roger Federer’s farewell, the video clip was of the woman (well surrounded by cameras) who drank several glasses of beer during a match during the US Open. Among the ranking news, the Chronicles of Basketball series arrives for the 21Be group. Thanks to Instagram, the magazine focused on the curiosity of the champions of recent European championships. Finally, a fact. Besides Facebook, among the social networks, it is worth noting that the weight of TikTok is increasing on the Instagram account. Which, in the top ten, retained its third place among the top four thanks to the Giallo Zafferano recipes platform.

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