TV shows today, Tuesday, March 16, 2021

At Canal 5, Real Madrid – Atalanta, on Sky Cinema Waterworld. TV Program Guide Evening March 16, 2021

What does TV programming do Tuesday 16 March 2020? To allow you a more structured consultation, we have decided to divide the films into thematic sections. Below is the planning of the evening programs of the main free and unencrypted TV channels.


for him Rai 4 From 21.21 on the air Robin Hood – The origin of the legend. Returning to England, Robin of Luxley discovers that a sinister Nottingham sheriff has seized his property. The man joins a gang of rebels in a daring plan to steal his money from the mayor and take his power. above Ray movie From 21.10 Novecento. The parallel and intertwining lives of three generations of the Emilia family, engaged in the political and existential struggles that marked a century of Italian history. A sumptuous historical and melodramatic mural with an unmatched staff. above Sky Cinema From 9.15 pm Waterworld. In the apocalyptic future, after the melting of glaciers, the planet is almost completely submerged by water. A metamorphic, lonely navigator, wanders in search of dry lands, the last area on Earth that survived the disaster. above Sky Cinema 2 At 9.15pm, Barry Seal, a fraudulent and corrupt pilot, is unexpectedly recruited by the CIA to lead one of the most important covert operations in US history. above Heaven family From 9 pm “Pop-A” butler to do it all. Unable to keep a job, Bob responds to the advertisement for a butler job. Thus, he found himself working in the home of the mother of two children causing the epidemic. Lovers of the West will be content with the Hour of Rage, scheduled for iris From 9 pm. Johnny is a farmer and mayor of the small rural community where he resides. Among his duties, he has to contend with the passing criminal clans, including the terrible clans of Bob Larkin.

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the television

Ray Ono From 21.25 it is proposed a new episode of the McCurry series entitled The Judgment of Deprivation. Due to a lack of cash, Saverio finds himself forced to take a job as a dining and wine tour guide. And so he left with Piccionello by tour bus to some of the cities of Sicily. But he soon realizes that there is something strange about the group that accompanies him: in that group of so-called friends, there is terrible resentment and grudges intertwined. A veritable web of hate surrounds one man, the arrogant group’s leader, Olmo. Who dies mysteriously.


From 21.20 Ray Dio Tonight offers everything possible. The hilarious comedy show on TV. There is no competition, but there are tons of quizzes that celebrities from the entertainment world participate in, to bring smiles and humor into the homes of Italians.


for him Channel 5 At 20.47 hours, directly from the Alfredo Di Stéfano Stadium, Real Madrid faces Atalanta, led by Gian Piero Gasperini, in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16.


for him Ray Tree From 9.20 pm # return #cartabianca. Bianca Berlinger talks about current affairs and news by deepening the issues that are stirring social controversy in our country. In each episode, she comes face to face with a character from politics or entertainment. above Italy 1 From 9.18 pm. Le Iene: news and current affairs services, unforgettable inquiries and interviews entrusted to the program’s correspondents. above Network 4 From 21.24 outside the choir. Appointments, inquiries, facts and interpretation of the most important issues of political affairs and news.

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TV guide for Tuesday 16 March: Evening programs


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