TV rights and the new Super Cup in Abu Dhabi: 270 million bids for the First Division

A barrage of money on the Italian league for television rights and the organization of the Italian Super Cup. He is the one who can come from the United Arab Emirates. According to reports from Milan Finance, Abu Dhabi Media was to present Luigi Di Servo, CEO of Lega Serie A, an offer of 142 million euros to win the television rights to the first league in the Middle East and Africa, which are not currently ceded. The agreement will be for five years and the league programs can raise a total of 185 million euros with some bonuses. However, some clubs may be skeptical about the possibility of binding these rights – which for now, have not been allocated and therefore yield zero – for an extended period of time.

Another 90 million for the Super Cup? Moreover, with Abu Dhabi, via Rossellini will conduct negotiations on the future organization of the Italian Super Cup: the next tournament will be held in Saudi Arabia under the old contract, to transfer it to the United Arab Emirates, the proposal is 21- 22 million euros for four sessions. Moreover, the proposal will lead to a change in the competition, making the semi-finals play and not the final directly as is the case today.

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