TV movie series March 2023: What do you watch in cinema and Netflix?

There will be several i Movies and TV series In theaters and on streaming platforms a March 2023. As usual, the choice will be very diverse, with audiovisual products and many, many proposals intended for the general public. Among the films destined for the big screen, the sixth chapter of the “Scream” saga undoubtedly stands out, as well as “John Wick: Chapter 4”. On Netflix, the highly anticipated movie centered around the TV character “Luther” as well as the second season of “Incastrati,” the hilarious series by Ficarra and Picone.

The author’s film lives on: “Empire of Light” and “Benedetta” are among the most anticipated titles for the month of March

One of the first film Coming to cinemas this March is Empire of Light (March 2 in theaters), a work signed by director Sam Mendes, known for his highly successful portrayal of American Beauty. The story (starring Olivia Colman and Michael Ward as protagonists) follows Hilary, a mentally unstable woman who runs a cinema in a seaside town in the UK in the 1980s, and Stephen, a newly arrived employee who dreams of escaping the province. The two will find mutual joy thanks to common interests. It’s a divisive movie and it’s got a cool, cool reception. It will be up to the Italian viewers to decide which side they will wait on.

Space also for the auteur cinema with “Benedetta”

The new effort by Paul Verhoeven, the director who already stunned the world with “Basic Instinct” and “Elle.” Having caused a sensation at the 74th Cannes Film Festival due to its strong sexual content, the director’s new work has finally reached cinemas, showing the story of Benedetta Carlini, abbess of the monastery of Pescia accused of heresy and homosexuality in the year 1600 .

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The entire production is inspired by the essay “Impure Acts: The Life of a Lesbian Nun.” It is also impossible not to mention “Mon Crime – I am the Guilty” (March 30) by the genius François Ozon, who this time launched into a laughable detective comedy using a cast of tastes Rakia by Nadia Tereskiewicz and Rebecca Mardier, Isabelle Huppert, Fabrice Luchini, Danny Poon and André Dussollier.Then also in James Gray’s “Armageddon Time – The Time of the Apocalypse” (March 23), a film with a strong character matrix that deals with the events of a family Looking for confirmation Particularly remarkable is the cast in which the young Michael Buckens-Ribetta is joined by three giants from the world of Hollywood: Anthony Hopkins, Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong.

Complete entertainment with “Scream” and “John Wick”

But it will be He walks Also very hot for all fans of the horror genre, thanks to the return to the big screen of the sixth chapter of the “Scream” saga (March 10), a franchise that has found new life after the good work done by the director duo. Created by Matt Bettinelli-Olbin and Tyler Gillette, they’re good at debunking Wes Craven’s slasher code flick by suggesting it back in contemporary society. that it film It could forever revolutionize the canons of the audiovisual brand. Yes because he is, for the first time, a killer ghost face He will act no longer within a small provincial reality, but in a city, completely undermining the codes of the genre. In the cast we will already find Gina Ortega The last girl In the new “Scream 5” of the world he made his triumph with the TV series “Wednesday”.

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Movie TV Series March 2023 Life and People Magazine

And speaking of killers, even if they are of a different caliber, mention must be made of the fourth episode of “John Wick” (March 23), a hit movie written by Chad Stahelski and starring Keanu Reeves. In this new feature film we will find a way to defeat Grand Tavola; Before he can gain freedom, however, he will have to face a new enemy capable of forging powerful alliances across the world. Will the audience like it?

Movies and TV series released in March 2023: Italy divides its space

The proposal coming from the Italian cinema is wide, as the new opera by Maestro Gabriel Salvatores, “The Return of Casanova” (March 30), appears in a certain way. A product that we can define as a cinematic destination. In fact, the plot tells about an established and old Italian director who decided to stage a film based on Arthur Schnitzler’s “Casanova”. But during filming, he will notice many similarities between his personality and that of the character portrayed in the movie. To grace the entire list of iconic actors such as Toni Servillo, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, and Sara Serraiocco.

Movie TV Series March 2023 Life and People Magazine

Instead, it is extrapolated from the play “Physical Education” (March 16) by Stefano Cipriani, film Where an ordinary summons by the parents of three pupils, who are called to school for a serious event that occurred in the institute’s gymnasium, turns into a veritable courtroom, complete with desperate attempts to hide and cover up uncomfortable truths.

The show is also on the platforms: the TV series “Incastrati” and “Luther” arrive on Netflix

We could not fail to close our report with the magic of platforms, now a very much used tool by most AV users. The King of Streaming, Netflix, Will Release Season 2 of “Incastrati” (March 2) in Just Under Twenty-Four Hours, and It’s Funny TV series With Palermitans Ficarra and Picone intent on cleverly mocking the criminal mafia organization. Fantasy fans also won’t be able to miss the second season of “Darkness and Bones” (March 16), series Adapted from Leigh Bardugo’s bestseller that tells the story of Alina Starkov, a character endowed with extraordinary powers, bent on defeating the Shadow Fault and General Kerrigan.

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Life and people magazine

Fans of the action genre will also enjoy a brand new series,

Titled Agent of the Night (May 23), it is also based on a literary product (Matthew Quirk’s novel of the same name). The plot is interesting. A low-level FBI agent has a very special job: guarding a presidential phone that never rings. But when the ring finally rings one night, the protagonist will be drawn into a dangerous plot that will take him to the beating heart of the Oval Office. The return of Luthor (March 10) should not go unnoticed, as it has been proposed, after five seasons, in feature film form. But the real coup as far as I am March 2023 TV series movie Another platform that will unleash it, Disney Plus which has released, starting from March 1, the third season of “The Mandalorian”, a very successful show derived from the universe of “Star Wars” which testifies to the progress and growth of a company with the very clear goal of becoming the flagship Undisputed broadcasting. Good vision!

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