Turn on the TV | Juventus, the whole truth is alive: “It happened in the United States”

“UEFA has studied the cases in Italy, and stated that if there is not at least five days of recovery, the infection rate goes up.”

“When you manage high-level athletes, the whole thing is very complicated. Sometimes they have prolific personalities, connections with people who might be giving the wrong advice.” So Calciomercato.it Broadcasting on TV Play Dr. Francesco the villaA sports physician and knee injury expert.

Injuries Pogba, Lukaku and Kiza: Dr. Della Villa speaks on TV
Dr.. Della Villa VTV Play

Dr. Della Villa’s first words raise questions about Paul Pogba: “The lesion that the Frenchman treated was collateral, like a lot. It all happened in the United States, in Los Angeles he was visited by a high-ranking surgeon. Unfortunately, an attempt was made to attempt without intervention, but science would have recommended immediate action. So at first the recommendation was right, then things didn’t go well and the patient didn’t have surgery, and he lost weeks. Now he is on his way to recovery, and he will not be allowed to go to the World Cup. It was important to intervene earlier.”

Della Villa on TV: “Pogba? We need professionals who advise the players well”

“When you have a complex injury, it is essential to talk to people who know how to treat the problem – Dr. Della Villa has been added to Tv Play Always about the midfielder Juventus If you listen to people promising miracles, things don’t go well. In 2022 that should not happen. We need professionals who advise the players wellUnfortunately, these are the consequences when you make a mistake.”

Injuries Pogba, Lukaku and Kiza: Dr. Della Villa speaks on TV
Paul Pogba © La Presse

From Pogba to me lukakuback in the pits for a muscle problem: “He’s had a relapse and he’s unfortunately there. I hope he can recover. Muscle injuries are very common, however it takes several days away from the team. Plus, they’re growing and other teams are involved too. L ‘UEFA He studied cases in Italy, and stated that if there is at least five days of recovery, the infection rate increases. A balance must be sought between performance and health. Pubalgia Vlahovic? It is a complex “basket” with different clinical conditions inside. When you have these problems it is normal for them to become chronic. It must be treated.”

Knee injury specialist Federico concluded churchReturned after a cruciate ligament rupture:It is better to proceed with caution. Compared to the past few years, time has been prolonged due to the injuries of the Crusaders. If we once talked about tight deadlines, today we’re talking about doing things right, with times expanding. church He is a great prospect for the national team, he is young and does not joke with young people. 20/30% of children under the age of 25 will have other injuries from Crusaders in the future“.

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