Turn it off right away until you get stuck on your bill

Electricity and gas bills are becoming increasingly expensive and Italians are finding it difficult to keep up with payments.

There is growing talk of energy poverty and families and businesses are doing their best to cut costs The electricity and gas bills are huge.

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However, it is important to know that they are there Three non-essential devices That unnecessarily inflated the Italians’ bill.

How to save on your bill

It becomes necessary to turn off these three devices because they are not really necessary, but they can make us pay a lot in terms of electricity bills.


Before seeing the three nonessential organs, the important thing is We understand that there are many behaviors that unnecessarily increase our bills. First of all, the lamps in the house should be strict Drove. In fact, only LED lights guarantee real lighting Energy saving. Secondly, it is very important The house is well insulated from a thermal point of view. In fact, summer is now approaching and if the house is not technically well insulated, there is a danger of a real blow conditioners.

The three devices to turn off immediately

But also many devices that we leave Suspension They have a very high cost and in fact devices should always be completely turned off and not left on standby. It is also important not to keep the light on in rooms that we have not already left Turn on the TV unnecessarily. These little habits can save a lot. Just as it becomes very important that you never do that Dishwasher and washing machine Half empty because it means unnecessary washing It will have a big impact on the bill. In addition, washing machines and dishwashers have a program sound echo which allows you to save.

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They are comfortable but it is better to turn them off

The first non-essential home appliance is dryer. It is a very convenient device but it also has Significant impact from an energy point of view Therefore, it is best during this period to return to suspending washing by hand, even if it takes a long time. The second unnecessary device is the iron. It is a device that can consume a lot and So its use is minimal. But the device that consumes a lot and that Italians are very fond of using it, although it doesn’t actually have to be a pan. The deep fryer has a high energy consumption and can be done without it. So in this period it is highly recommended not to use it or use it in any case to a minimum.

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