Turkey: Gum in the sea, collected 3 thousand cubic meters – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ISTANBUL, June 17 – More than three thousand cubic meters of marine gum have been collected in the first week of cleaning up the Marmara Sea south of Istanbul, which has been invaded by this thick layer of phytoplankton for months on an ecosystem, also known as mucus or sea ​​saliva; According to Turkish Environment Minister Murat Kurum, removal activities have so far been carried out at 193 sites, mainly in the waters off Yalova and Balikesir provinces. The exceptional cleaning plan provides for the collection of gum by lowering some bulkheads into the sea in order to avoid the accumulation of substances that threaten the survival of different species and fishing, as well as harm the tourist image of the area. Technical analysts also identified hydrogen sulfide, a highly toxic gas, at a depth of about 750 metres.

According to experts, the phenomenon is mainly associated with climate change and pollution due to improper disposal of sewage in the region, around which about 25 million people live. For this reason, the minister continued, examinations were also intensified.

As of June 15, 3,219 inspections were carried out, with fines of 10.5 million Turkish liras (nearly one million euros) for improper disposal of waste. (handle).

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