Turkey, Erdogan leaves von der Leyen (not Michel) without a chair –

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen It is treated as a marginal presence that is not even expected to have a chair. It happened yesterday in Ankara during a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Women are our mothers who like to repeat the Turkish president to emphasize how much you respect and respect them. But it is clear that they must know how to stay where they are. everybody. Even Ursula von der Leyen, who holds the highest office in the European Union.

However, nobody seems to have protested yesterday. The President of the European Union Commission arrived in Turkey with the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, but when the three entered a richly decorated room in the Presidential Palace in Ankara. There were only two chairs. The men sat while von der Leyen stared at them, puzzled. In the end, the European leader waved her right hand, as if to say “Don’t worry.” She went to sit, grumbling, on Big’s couch about three meters away, facing the Turkish foreign minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, who was much inferior to her in diplomatic protocol.

The unfortunate episode, immortalized by the paparazzi and by Official meeting video Instantly bounce back on social media with the hashtag #sofagate.

Why did Michel not act? Why did he not offer von der Leyen his place? Why did you accept the situation without reacting? These are the questions that Internet users ask themselves on social networks. European Commission spokesperson Eric Mammer explained that von der Leyen, I was clearly surprised, as it can be seen in the video, From her lack of a chair, but she chose to focus On the core of the problems, not the shape. While Michel’s team, According to Politico, He argued that the protocol was respected because Erdogan and the President of the European Council had to formally meet. However, on the same site, other sources reported that such an incident was out of the ordinary: The three presidents should have received the same treatment. Dutch MEP Sophie in’t Veld Noted on Twitter That in previous meetings between the Turkish leader and the European presidents, the three meetings occupied equivalent sessions. The EPP group in the European Parliament posted a harsh tweet about the incident: let’s put things into perspective. Someone should be ashamed of not having a suitable place for von der Leyen In Erdogan’s Palace. The European Union has indicated its openness to dialogue, but we are firm in our values. Women deserve the same recognition as their male counterparts.

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Pictures of previous meetings between Erdoan, then president of the European Union Council, and Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker

April 7, 2021 (Change April 7, 2021 | 12:45 PM)

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