Tune in to TV July 13, 2022: SuperQuark beats Channel 5 in TV series

Listen to TV: Program Rai 1 At 12% and 1.970 million, the series Channel 5 11.4% and 1.382 million viewers

SuperQuarkon me opinion 1, 12.9% recorded media engagement with 1.78 million viewers, who saw? on me Rai 3 10.6% and 1521 million admixtures.

for the first time from the way of silence on me Channel 5 Watched by 1.382 million spectators, 11.4.

last week SuperQuarkon me Rai 1reached 14.1% and 1.970 million acceptances, miniseries Time – Ink vs. Bullets on me Channel 5 978 thousand spectators accounted for 7.1%, while the Federica Sciarelli program was watched by 1.791 million spectators, equivalent to a 13.5% share.

You are listening to other networks

The ranking of TV ratings for public networks continues Chicago fire Of the Italy 1 which recorded 8.4% media engagement with 1.243 million viewers.

prying on me Rai2 5.8% and 836 thousand spectators, and the talk show countercurrent on me Network 4 By 6.7% and 810 thousand.

closes with Who wants to marry my mother? on me 8 . TV at 2.4% and 356 thousand, Atlantis on me La7 to 2.8% and 330 thousand so-called mixtures Chinese hunter on me nine By 2% and 307 thousand.

(in the picture Piero Angela)

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