Tune in to TV April 23rd: Pio and Amedeo grow through sharing and also stop Top 10. Boom Nuzzi with Pipitone Box

Listen, directions: a secret start for Carlo Conte, but Pio and Amedeo fight back and win, who spill Totti and Baglioni and grow with a share point. A big balance behind the first, Nuzzi is very good, but so are Cruza and Zorro

It was the first seasonal debut for Carlo Conte With Top 10 On Rai1 to mark a television evening on Friday April 23rd. Also because in this way the transmission of the public flagship would have been inconsistent with Bio and Amedeo, On the track with the second episode of happy evening In prime time on Canale 5, which they had previously defeated seven days earlier Serena Rossi With The Secret Song. The rest of the network was well diversified: in Rai2 there were TV series Nesis e Clarisse And the movie on Rai3 Inexorable. Then there was the challenge between Gianluigi Nozzi, Diego Bianchi, Maurizio Cruzza, With Italia 1 which, on the other hand, in order not to harm the commercial leader, it has proposed Best From Freedom.

This was the peak-time publicists ranking for ratings according to Auditel Counters.

Pio and Amedeo beat Conte and Nozi on the podium. Grade 4 exceeds 8.1% citing Denise’s condition

In Canal 5 the second episode of the show happy evening, With Bio and Amedeo Ansar and among the guests Francesco Totti, Claudio Baglioni, Achille Lauro, Francesco Panofino, Umberto Guidoni, Malika Ain At 4.013 million and 21.6% between 21.46 and 24.48 (at 4.070 million and 20.1% between 21.45 and 24.40 initially).

On Rai1, the first episode of the second season of Top 10, With Carlo Conte To delivery and two VIP teams (yesterday Loretta Jogi, Paula Menachione, and Cesar Pucci against Massimo Poldi, Christian de Sica and Nancy BrillyWith the guests Georgia, Alain Sorrenti e Rita Pavone) To recall moments of entertainment and life through the Italian conusmo rankings, he won 3.8 million and 16.6% between 21.37 and 23.52.

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On Rete4 rotogravure printing of various crime and news stories Fourth degree, With Gianluigi Nozzi and Alessandra Fierro On management, it collected 1,566 million and 8.1% (1.434 million and 7.1% seven days earlier).

Soo nov The Cruza brothers, With Maurizio Cruza Review and mimic Andrea Agnelli As the most awaited novelty, it attracted 1.255 million spectators with 4.8% (1.316 million and 5% seven days ago).

On the show Rai2 Nesis, To 1,322 million and 4.9% e Clarisse 731mila e 2,9%.

On the movie Rai3 Lu Ruthless, directed by Renato di Maria And with on the cast Ricardo Scamarcio, It had 1.148 million spectators and a 4.6% stake.

Show your La7 Live advertising, With Diego Bianchi, McCox, Marco Damilano, Francesca Chianchi, Paolo Celata As a team, it achieved 1.024 million spectators and 5.4% (1.085 million spectators with a share of 5.7% seven days earlier).

Italy has 1 Freedom albums, With a set of the best program services Roberto Jacobo, It brought home 795,000 spectators at a rate of 3.8% (790,000 spectators and 3.6% seven days earlier).

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