Tumors and diagnoses are increasing compared to 2020

The report is the result of a collaboration between Ayum (Italian Society of Medical Oncology), AirtomAiom Corporation, presenceAnd the stepsAnd the Silver permits and Siapec.

Covid pandemicExperts point out that it was set in 2020 a Fewer new diagnoses Partially associated withExamination interruptionWhile we are witnessing today the recovery of cancer cases, as in other European countries. disturbing picture It is likely to get worse If we don’t put a barrier to the wrong lifestyles. They also weigh Delay in assistance Accumulated during the pandemic, but there is a return to secondary prevention programs and early-stage surgeries.

Most diagnosed type of cancer The most diagnosed cancer in 2022 is breast cancer (55,700 cases, +0.5% compared to 2020), followed by colorectal cancer (48,100, +1.5% in men and +1.6% in women), lung cancer (43,900, +1.6%). in) men and +3.6% in women), prostate (40,500, +1.5%) and bladder (29,200, +1.7% in men and +1.0% in women).

Resume offers On the other hand, the resumption of screening programmes, which returned to pre-Covid levels in 2021, should be read positively. In particular, screening for mammography increased, reaching 46% coverage (in 2020 it was 30%), for colorectal screening by 30% (it was 17% in 2020) and for the cervix by 35% (it was 23%). in 2020). Reactivation of secondary prevention programs corresponds to the increasing number of surgeries for colorectal and breast cancer, even at an early stage.

Schillacci: “50% of deaths can be prevented by behavior” Minister Schillaci explained that the figures collected during the biennium 2020-2021 “represent a moment of acceleration mostly in a pejorative sense with regard to behavioral risk factors for neoplasia”. This is “a fact that cannot but cause concern, if we consider that 40% of cases and 50% of cancer deaths could be avoided by intervening with preventable risk factors, especially in lifestyles”. As can be seen from the analysis, “after decades marked by remarkable progress, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a setback in the fight against cancer, causing in general a sharp slowdown in diagnostic activities in the field of oncology in Italy”, with the consequent increase in figures advanced disease. These delays will certainly affect the incidence of oncological diseases in the future.”

Work on delaying diagnosis and lifestyles – These updated data “call for more and more strengthening of measures to counter delays in diagnosis and to strengthen secondary and above all primary prevention”. This is the comment of Saverio Cinieri, President of Aiom, who stresses the importance of “working to control risk factors ranging from tobacco smoke, obesity, physical inactivity, alcohol use and the need to encourage vaccinations against infections known to cause cancer, such as HPV”.

But there is also Positive fact: compared to the 2.5 million citizens who lived in Italy in 2006 with a previous diagnosis of cancer, this rose to about 3.6 million in 2020. That is 37% more than was observed just 10 years ago.

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