Trump’s career in Hollywood has collapsed as he prepares to leave the Oval Office

The Apprentice revenue and remnants of movies like Home Alone 2 and The Little Rascals declined significantly during his final year in office.

Former President Donald Trump, who had been an established media and entertainment figure for decades before winning the 2016 presidential election, saw a drastic drop in his revenue in Hollywood during his final year in office.

That, according to Trump’s financial disclosure forms, which he submitted to the US government’s Ethics Office on January 15, just days before leaving his position at the Mar-a-Lago resort in the Palm. Beach (which is estimated to be over $ 50). Millions).

During his presidency, Trump continued to benefit financially from his connections to Hollywood, including pensions from the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists (both guaranteed before those unions merged in 2012) and the remaining payments from the series. From TV shows. Movie. For example Little bastards (In which Trump played “Waldo Waldo”), Home alone 2And perhaps most importantly, the payments related to the reality show on NBC the Apprentice.

In fact, during each year of his presidency, Trump received a seven-digit boost from Trump Productions (the production company that holds a 50% stake in the program), that is, until last year.

Prescola Someone learns to trade Payments peaked in 2018 when he received more than $ 2 million, and in 2019 they decreased to just over $ 1.6 million. But last year, payments were down to just $ 275,000, according to the latest disclosure forms. While the recording does not explain why Trump Productions’ income has fallen so much, it is likely related to participation rights and restructuring of the reality show.

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In addition, Trump’s remaining payments have decreased for his appearances in films and other television, albeit still small. for him Little bastards The remaining fees, which earned him up to $ 1,000 in 2019, are down to less than $ 200 in 2020. The remaining expenses come from Warner Bros. And entertainment partners are in the low income category, which covers payments ranging from $ 0.01 to $ US. 200.

Trump’s pensions from SAG ($ 84,292) and AFTRA ($ 9451) increased slightly in 2020. Trump began participating in the SAG plan in 1992 when he appeared in Home alone 2, And to the AFTRA plan in 1989, when he appeared on the flop Ghosts cannot do that (He received himself a Razzie award in addition to his AFTRA pension).

As Trump faces the prospect of being fired from SAG, this likely won’t affect his retirement.

His collapsing media revenue also spilled over into his books. In his first year in office, he had two books that would have earned him $ 1 million in income: The art of doing business And the Time to be tough. Another book, America is paralyzed, Between $ 1 million and $ 5 million. Meanwhile, during his final year in office The art of doing business He was still earning between $ 100,000 and $ 1 million, and none of his other 14 books generated any significant revenue.

His latest disclosure file included some new additions: the gifts Trump received while in office. They include the MAGA UFC Fighter Colby Covington Championship belt, $ 650, a bronze bust of Mount Rushmore (with Trump’s face added) of South Dakota Governor Christy Noem, valued at $ 1,100, and a Mac Pro computer (first one assembled in Austin, Texas) ) To Trump from Apple CEO Tim Cook for $ 5,999.

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