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Trump organizes a rally in Georgia on the eve of the Senate run-off election

President Trump and the Republican National Committee said Sunday that the president will hold a rally in Dalton, Georgia, on January 4, the night before the state convenes. The run-off election for the Senate. Republicans need to hold on to at least one of those Senate seats to maintain a majority in the Senate, while Democrats need to win both to tie 50-50, with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris voting.

On behalf of two senior senators, Embed a Tweet & Embed a TweetI’m going to Georgia on Monday night, Jan 4th, for a great, great rally. It is very important for our country that they win! ” Mr. Trump tweeted Sunday night.

Mr. Trump announced that he would be going to Georgia shortly before The White House announced He signed a $ 900 billion economic relief bill for COVID-19 with a $ 1.4 trillion government spending bill. His refusal to sign the bill for nearly a week put both Republican senators, David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler, in a difficult position before the run-off, as both voted in his favor. Both Purdue and Loeffler immediately issued statements thanking Mr. Trump for the bill.

Neither Purdue nor Loeffler won 50% of the vote in November, leading to a run-off election. Purdue was led by Democratic opponent John Usoff, and while Raphael Warnock received the most votes in his race, Loeffler and Republican Congressman Doug Collins combined received more votes than him.

President Trump organizes a rally in Georgia for Senate candidates Lewifler and Purdue
President Donald Trump attends a rally in support of Senator David Purdue (Republican from Georgia) and Senator Kelly Loeffler (Republican from Georgia) on December 5, 2020 in Valdosta, Georgia. The rally with the senators comes ahead of the crucial run-off elections for Perdue and Loeffler on January 5, which will decide who controls the US Senate.

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The race attracted a large sum of money, and last week Ossoff became the best-funded Senate candidate ever, raising $ 107 million between October 15 and December 15 alone.

At Mr. Trump’s previous rally in Georgia, he falsely insisted that “we won the election” and the state in particular. Trump refused to waive the general election, notably Republican election officials in Georgia, which flipped blue to President-elect Joe Biden, when he made unsubstantiated allegations of widespread voter fraud and rigged elections.

With the Electoral College confirming on December 14 that Mr. Biden had won and a slew of lawsuits challenging the election results in the courtroom, Mr. Trump pinned his hopes of overturning the election results to the approval of both houses of Congress to veto the results in several key states when They meet to count the votes on January 6th. But Democrats have a majority in the House of Representatives and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Republican senators asked Last week, there was no objection to the election results when the joint session took place.

Senator John Thun, a Republican from South Dakota and a whip majority, said the state’s vote elimination effort “is not going anywhere.”

“In the Senate it will go down like a dog shot,” Thon told reporters on December 21.

Dalton, where the rally will be held on January 4, in one of the most conservative House districts in Georgia. In January, the region will be represented by the Republican Marjorie Taylor GreenQAnon, who has promoted conspiracy theories and is a staunch ally of Mr.Trump.

The Republican National Committee said all of Dalton’s rally attendees will have to undergo temperature checks, will be provided with masks “they have been asked to wear” and will have access to hand sanitizer. The rally is taking place in a hangar at the airport, a common place for Mr. Trump’s pre-election gatherings.

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