Trump honors Steve Bannon and considers founding the Patriots Party –

And according to the Wall Street Journal, citing sources close to the family, Trump will be bitter by the lack of support he received from the Republican political structure after the presidential election last November. Donald would have liked to continue challenging the election results despite the fact that all lawsuits filed were dismissed. However, the final rift appears to be over after the pro-Trump protesters raided Congress on January 6. The US newspaper highlights that the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, once again blamed Trump for the events of January 6. The crowd was feeding the lies. The Republican said they were instigated by the president and other influential people, who had made clear references to the election fraud allegations that Trump had been repeating for months.

McConnell’s words sound like a divorce has already begun. However, among Republican lawmakers, many still support the outgoing president, That despite his electoral defeat he also enjoyed a large number of voters. However, the Wall Street Journal does not exclude that the idea of ​​a new party may form, above all, an advertising initiative, or a media and financial means to support the president’s companies. No independent candidate or candidate from parties other than the Republican and Democrat won a federal election victory after 1968, when George Wallace – a racist Alabama governor – won five states as the White House nominee for the Independent American Party.

Jan 20, 2021 (Change Jan 20, 2021 | 06:43)

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