Trump: “Covid used to steal elections, but in 2022 we will be back” – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, June 26 – Yesterday, thousands of people turned out in the presence of Donald Trump for his first post-presidential rally in Ohio.

“We will bring the House and Senate back in 2022.” The former US president says he called the Biden administration a “total disaster. It’s destroying our country.” Trump welcomed a flood of Maga (“Make America Great Again”) T-shirts, red berets, and “Save America” ​​signs.

“We’ll get America back soon. The biggest crisis is the border crisis, along with what happened in the 2020 election.

Biden loosened the border defense and sparked an influx of immigrants.” Trump notes that when his administration left the White House, he gave “the safest border in history: the wall worked.”

“I don’t want to destroy democracy, I am trying to save American democracy,” says the former US president, accusing Democrats of using Covid-19 to “steal elections.” (handle).

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