Trump appears again in the United States, the first assembly after the defeat: “I will return, we will return to the House and the Senate”

It’s been seven months since he lost the election but Donald Trump It hasn’t changed at all. The former President of the United States returned to present a crowd, the first since the defeat. He did so in Wellington, Ohio, south of Cleveland, in front of thousands of supporters who waited for hours wearing the T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Maga,” meaning “Maga.”Make America great againHistoric motto. It is only the first phase of the “march” that will reach several cities, which will also focus on the “revenge” of the Republican advocates who voted for him second. Isolation, those related to the January 6 assault on Congress.

Kotb did not disappoint his fans: “We’re bringing the House and Senate back in 2022,” stressed Trump, who outlined the administration he leads Joe Biden “A complete disaster. It is destroying our country.” Donald immediately went on the attack on the issue of immigrants: “We’ll get America back soon. The biggest crisis is the border crisis, along with what happened in the 2020 election. Biden dismantled the border defense and raised flood of immigrantsTrump, who then made it clear that he had inherited “the safest frontier in history,” said: the wall is workingThen another criticism of the President of the United States: “The country will be destroyed. He returned without even negotiating the Paris climate agreement that will burn jobs.”

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By our correspondent Federico Rambini

From the theater of Wellington, Trump fired a volley of arrows at the man who defeated him in the election: “He bows before our enemies,” “He is weak with China, with Iran, with everyone.” Trump also has a few things for the German chancellor Angela Merkel: “I like it a lot, it’s smart, it’s tough but it takes advantage of us.”

the future? “We won the election for the second time. We will have to win it for the third time,” the former president said, prompting allegations of fraud. “I don’t want to destroy democracy, I’m trying to save it,” Trump added, accusing Democrats of using COVID-19 to “steal elections.” Then a blow to the judges: “Many are weak, and I feel ashamed of our hands Supreme court. This was the hoax of the century, the crime of the century,” always referring to electoral fraud.

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By our correspondent Federico Rambini

Trump said Democrats are “dishonest people”: they talk about workers “but don’t do anything for them.” Looking to 2022: “With next year’s Republican Congress we will fight for workers, we will pursue America First policy, we will confront China, we will end illegal immigration, and we will restore the right to freedom of expression,” the former US president highlighted. “We will take care of our veterans and give the police 100% support, and we will teach our children to respect and love the country.” Then the conclusion: “We will never give up, our movement is not over yet: Our battle has just begun. We will make America strong, rich, strong, and secure.”

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