Triestina, Biasen from Australia: “I can’t wait to be able to embrace our Trieste again”

Tristina head Mario Byazin With a message, in the Tristinian dialect, on the club’s official website, he wanted to make palpable his closeness to the field and to the Halbers fans from Australia, in the hope that he could soon return to Italy. This is the note:

I am writing to you as I think from Australia, a situation that for more than 220 days has found itself having to face a strict lockdown imposed by the authorities, despite the number of cases and casualties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic x and fortunately you know the numbers. However, in the event of an emergency, it still remained, and therefore, no pudimo moved not only within Australia but also in the city. These measures prevent me and Glenda de poderve from coming to Trieste – he thought I couldn’t even see my flies here – things I had long desired and hoped to get to as soon as possible. We will continue to pursue our beloved union, and we will not wait to find your affection and embrace while you are safe, under the weight of reopening flights, first and foremost if we set out here in our beloved Trieste.

A big hug to all of you and always the strength of the union!

Mario Byazin

From Australia, specifically in Trieste, a message from the President #Long live to the supporters of the union 🤍❤️


#Forza Unione #Tristina #MarioBiasin

Posted by United States Triestina Calcio 1918 that it Tuesday 21 September 2021

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