Trieste, here’s the new center: Vine is official

TriestePhil Wayne He is a new player in Basketball Trieste. The announcement came from the same Al-Mutard club with an official statement:American Phil Fine is the new center for Basketball Trieste! The Californian player joined the red and white on a two-year contract“, writes Red and White on its channels. American Center, born in Elk Grove, California in 1997,”He started his career with Illinois Redbirds in the NCAA between 2016 and 2019. After those three seasons, in which he scored 1,295 points and 646 rebounds, he moved on to Argentina in rows Libertas Sunchales (266-125). So it continues to grow Finland In season 20/21 with Katya BaskettHe scored 16.3 points per game and 6.6 rebounds. Then the call comes from German A1 And the 21/22 season sees him in the ranks Jessen 46ers. The effect with basketball at this level is positive and underscores Vine’s value closing the tournament with an average of 8.8 points and 4.7 rebounds, numbers that earn him a place in the top5 offensive rebounds of the tournament.“.

Basketball star Greiner was sentenced to 9 years in prison!

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Basketball star Greiner was sentenced to 9 years in prison!

Trieste, club and coach on Vine: ‘Perspective player’

With Vine we bring red and white a player in continuous growth and perspective – explains the chief of Trieste, Mario Gayashi Given his age and the room for improvement we think he might have, we’ve chosen to tie him to a two-season contract. In addition to being an excellent athlete, those who have trained him in recent seasons have also confirmed that he is an excellent man, with a head on his shoulders, serious and living in the locker room very positively. We were just looking for this to close the list Coach Legovicquality and seriousness, which is also confirmed by the continuous progress in his careerThe same red and white coach, Marco LegovicFalling comments are satisfied fine in Friuli Venezia Giulia: We close the list with a center with the characteristics we were looking for – Coach’s red and white comment – which are consistent with our technical project and which perfectly complement the team we have built. In our phone conversation, I felt a great desire to make myself available and improve, and to be fully involved with the technical and tactical plan we have in mind both for the team and for him individually. Vine has great athletic skills that allow him great ease in jumping and running in the open field, his verticality allows him to give depth to picking and rolling and he has a strong presence even in offensive rebounds. His athletic activity allows him to put the same energy into the defensive phase as for the attack, and he has very sexy feet for his role and physical type, allowing him to distinguish even the smallest players in dynamic and aggressive defensive phases. It will provide us with a viable option for delayed stock changes. He is still a young athlete who continues to like his growth, every year he takes a step forward – since thenArgentina In the Finland then in Germany – And now he comes to us with this desire to go one step furtherMarko Legovich explains. Signed by Central America, a Basketball Trieste He completes the roster and is preparing for the new season, the fifth in a row in the LBA.

Basketball, there's no shortage of humor: Here's Datome and Melli

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Basketball, there’s no shortage of humor: Here’s Datome and Melli

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