Tricks to lose weight and maintain results without gaining weight

Often when you’re dieting it’s hard to maintain results: Here are the tricks to losing weight and not gaining back the weight.

Often when starting a diet, the problem is not losing too much weight, but the most difficult thing is that The ability not to regain weight. The yo-yo effect is always right around the corner, especially if we’ve lost weight quickly.

Tricks to lose weight
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Leading a healthy lifestyle and adopting good eating habits is definitely the first step to take when we decide to lose weight. Also because if we lose weight quickly and Then we don’t keep the results. All our efforts will be of little use.

On the contrary, we also risk embarrassing the organism that never finds stability by going to meet Continuous vibrations of the scale, which in the long run cause damage to the organism. So let’s learn the tricks to lose weight and maintain results without gaining weight.

Here are some tricks to lose weight and maintain results

Many times when we decide to lose weight in addition to a balanced diet we need to get to know some Rules that also help us maintain results No weight loss.

Tricks to lose weight
Source: Canva

By assigning us a nutritionist We will be able to learn healthy and healthy eating without losing weight suddenly but gradually so that we can also maintain the results.

So let’s find out what a file is Tricks to lose weight without gaining weight while maintaining the results obtainedAvoid the so-called yo-yo effect, but simply follow a healthy lifestyle.

1) Food ratio. Depending on the lifestyle we lead, we must also calibrate the proportions of nutrients we put on the plate. If we are sedentary people, we need to make more room for vegetables. This means that when we go to compose the dish, it should consist of 50% of plant foods, and steamed or boiled vegetables are fine, but also raw as long as they are not fried or greasy. The remaining 50% should be divided into 25% protein and 25% other carbohydrates. For fats, we can consider a few teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil per serving. On the other hand, if we are athletes who do moderate to high intensity physical activity at least 4-5 times a week, we can also tolerate a meal containing 50-55% carbohydrates.

2) Choose fresh foods. And let’s say no to industrial processing. In fact, they contain additives, preservatives and dyes. It changes your gut and makes you fat. Natural nutrition is definitely the key to well-being. So we get rid of everything considered unhealthy or unhealthy food, sweets, soft drinks and even alcohol, yes from the wine glass, but it doesn’t have to be enjoyed every day.

3) Avoid eating out of boredom. We have been coming from over two years of the pandemic and we have all been tested both physically and mentally. The stress, anxiety, and no wandering outside certainly didn’t help this whole time. And many found themselves dealing with nervous bouts of hunger. To calm him down, just do some simple abdominal breathing exercises. Lying on the mat, let us synchronize with our breath, inhale and exhale, in this way the organism relaxes and nervous hunger disappears.

4) Don’t miss breakfast. We must not skip the first and most important meal of the day, on the contrary, we must always make sure that we have included all the necessary nutrients without neglecting the protein ration. If we prefer sweets, then we can choose yogurt, otherwise eggs, low-fat cheese or ricotta are good. For carbohydrates, we choose a slice of wholemeal bread and a teaspoon of jam or fruit. As for the fat dose, we can choose a portion of about 30 grams of dried fruit.

5) Playing sports. Don’t neglect movement because diet and exercise go hand in hand. To get visible and lasting results over time, we must also practice physical activity constantly. If we do not have any particular health problems and after a medical examination, intense physical activity is what allows us to develop lean mass or muscle at the expense of fat, which will not make us gain weight over time.

Thanks to these little tricks, we will be able to lose weight and maintain the results we are getting. Finally, remember that before embarking on a diet, it is always a good idea to consult a specialist who will guide us in the most appropriate options for our state of health.

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