Tribeca Games Spotlight 2023: All Games and Trailers Presented

Yes, it just ended Tribeca Spotlight Games 2023, the event featuring exclusive gameplay and interviews with game developers selected by the Tribeca Festival organization. It was a short show overall, but with several titles to definitely watch. Here is one View a summary of all games during the show.

The first game shown was In Highland Song, a platform adventure set in the Scottish Highlands from Incle, the studio behind 80 Days. For the occasion, we have seen new game sequences currently in development for PC and Nintendo Switch, which have a very desirable graphic style, with scenarios that look like real animated paintings.

communicate with Goodbye high volcanoKO_OP devs are showing off new sequels ahead of launch on PS5, PS4, and PC scheduled for August 29th. It is a hybrid narrative adventure about adolescence and change, where our decisions will have a direct impact on the development of the narrative. We’ll follow the story from the point of view of Fang, a musician with dinosaur features, during her senior year at high school, a delicate moment for a girl who must come to terms with her future prospects and prepare to say. Goodbye to her classmates and the friends she grew up with.

After that we saw Sennar’s song, a puzzle, platform, and stealth adventure game inspired by the legend of Babylon. In this strange and wonderful world created by Rundisc for PC and Switch, the peoples of the tower no longer speak to each other, with the player taking on the role of a mysterious traveler who has the task of restoring balance among the people, and interacting with them. characters and solve the proposed puzzles.

Then it was my turn night view, an atmospheric 2.5D adventure coming to PC in 2023 and inspired by ancient Arabian stories and folklore. As Leila “Stargazer” we will have to return the stars to the sky after they have fallen to the ground making the sky completely dark. To do this, we will embark on a journey to locations marked by the charm of the Middle East and solve various puzzles.

communicate with Stray Gods – musical roles, which will be released on August 3, which as the title suggests offers an unusual yet captivating blend of adventure with RPG elements and music, with all game scenes handcrafted by the Summerfal Studios development team. The game takes place in a modern world and puts us in the role of Grace, a girl who has got the powers of the Greek Muse and will have to bring to light a crime that could lead to a conflict between humans and gods.

While highlighting Tribece Games, we also got the review The Extension – The Telltale Series. For the occasion, a new video was presented in which the developers talked about how they managed to turn the popular Amazon series into an interactive Telltale-style adventure, where the actions and decisions of the players affect the fate of the characters and its plot.

Event concluded with display, an offbeat life adventure set in Ecuador and all about soccer and how the sport brings people together. As eight-year-old Julian, we’ll be roaming the streets of Quito kicking a ball and experiencing the spirited atmosphere that prevailed in 2001 when the country qualified for the World Cup for the first time.

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