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Fantastic third place for Italy in the Montreal (Canada) stage of the 2021 Triathlon World Series. The first historical platform for our colors in succession. blues, Beatrice Maluzzi, Gianluca Buzzati, Alice Peto and Alessandro Fabian Near the US (Spiffy, Ryder, Casper, McQueen) and New Zealand (Van der Caye, McCullough, Thorpe, Morgan). The result of an absolute prestige for the whole movement, after an expedition to the Olympics did not satisfy much.

The race predicted Swimming 300m, cycling 6.6km, running 1.9km for each of the four athletes. in the first fraction Beatrice Maluzzi The seventh after the swimming part, closes with an excellent running fracture and gives the change to Gianluca Pozzati Even in third place after the United States and New Zealand. Our brigade holder closes the gap in relation to the fugitives and passes the wand to Alice Beto It is second only to the United States.

Alice Peto, who was on the bike, made it to the US, even before she passed out to drive. last fraction Alessandro Fabian which starts with a margin of 4 seconds over New Zealand and 9 over the United States. After swimming, Italy is still in the lead, but everything is decided in the running part. at that point The US escapes and mediates victory, while Fabian closes in third.

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Beatrice Maluzzi: “It is a pleasure to compete with these guys! This is a great result for me, my teammates and the whole Italy team.”

Gianluca Pozzati: “At the end of a really tough weekend we are once again immersed in the fight and it’s really amazing to share the podium with my teammates: it’s a great day for us.”

Alice Peto: “Three days of really tough racing, but we ended up booming. I did my best, I wanted to stay on top from start to finish, it was important for us to stay ahead to fight on the podium. I’m really happy for myself and the team.”

Alessandro Fabian: “Finally on the podium! Today we achieved an extraordinary result thanks to the team that put me into such a good position. I must thank my three teammates who allowed me to achieve such a great performance.”

Photo: La Presse

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