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Tri Nations, Argentina and Australia. Where to see the match on Sky l Sky Sport

Argentina and Australia, on the pitch for the fourth day of the Three Nations: Whoever wins between Pumas and Lapis goes to the top of the tournament. Saturday, November 21st at 9.45pm on Sky Sports Arena

And now the hardest part for the Pumas: replicating themselves. When you climbed to the top of rugby by beating the All Blacks for the first timeThe seventh national team, excluding clubs, to achieve success, everyone expects that at this stage it will be possible to defeat any team. In fact Argentina against Australia has already had 6 successes in the previous 32, Most recently in Gold Coast, Queensland In 2018. The current Tri Nations then reopened, all in the balance until the last day. Whoever wins between Pumas and the Wallabies tops the tournament (after 3 days: All Blacks 6 points, Argentina and Australia 4). In Newcastle, New South Wales, not in the northern city of England, on the way to ScotlandAustralia is only playing for the second time in history and it didn’t go well on the first tryOn a rainy, windy day, in short, Scotland, Scotland (6-9) surprisingly won in 2012, the day Michael Huber debuted, a twenty-year-old youth who would later become captain 82 In the history of Wallabies, who has led his national team 50 times. The only true positive memory of a Scottish bathing.

He is a very real man


Argentina, historic success: The All Blacks finished 25-15

Words of Pablo Matera, Captain Pumas, who reacts to the misbehavior of the All Blacks and in the face of the referee’s rebuke says “Play for my country” They have roamed the world and made all Argentines proud. In conclusion If they hit me, I don’t watch. It is very certain (“He is a very real man.” Lydisma) and mainly All the first fifteen (Only Cubelli came out with a knee problem with Betranou as the owner) who beat All Blacks. The authors of an achievement still seem impossible in today’s sport all in order and without surprises. Pictures of Argentine home workouts while in quarantine, with individual training, offline, between garages, apartments and small gardens, accompanied the success, and apparently amplified, far from the Rugby supplementary robots or chicken game. But on the field they served above all Defense and intensity, Plus 25 points out of 25 from Sanchez to captain Matera, we must remember the effectiveness of the interventions (171 with 91% efficacy), 29 of which are by Kramer, the third streak who also put 10 balls forward. If it was Anglo Saxon it looks like ‘Unknown hero’.

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Nic e Tongan Thor

The Australians That, let’s not forget, fifteen days ago, they defeated the All Blacks too, They change a littleThree players Hannigan Swinton’s Hanger, two props, with Seo Inside the affected insoles (shoulder dislocation) more Tanila Taupo For a collapsible choose a technologist. Destroyer Tupou from New Zealand scrum as an impact player, off the bench, full with aim, becomes the owner because Argentines are immediately afraid of their charge and their artistic and historical load, just the word “bajadita”, the terrible pack of pumas. Tupou is a “Tongan Thor”, weighing approximately 135 kilograms and less than 180 cm, Growing up in New Zealand, already famous in high school for his strength, then chose to wear the Wallabies shirt thanks to 3 years of residency. To make half of the scrum Nick White , The classic number 9 that never shuts down, which provokes the provocation and it’s precisely in Newcastle where family and friends are waiting for him and where, talking about the stadium, it was only once at 10 o’clock, entering the field in between another rugby match, at 13, League Rugby, Newcastle Knights.


The Australian is a little bit mediocre and now … South America

Michael Chica He is from Australian Lebanese origins. His family gathered a fortune from immigration to trade. He played rugby, well, from the third streak, at the most classic NSW club, Randwick, Club Campesi, legendary world champion winger, ex Petrarcha and Mediolanum, and Eddie Jones, England coach, then traveled. He was in Italy, From player to LivornoAnd I learned a job as a coach in Padua, at Petrarch by Vittorio Munari. Trained in Europe a ParisHe won with the Irish Leinster All, so Ai went home WaratasWinning a Super Rugby. He became coach of Australia until the World Cup finals, Underone, for 2019. Leave free, pre-show to do Ledesma’s assistant in Pumas. This is Ledesma who was, in mirrored parts, his “second” in the Wallabies. Biography looks like from Wikipedia to say so Cheika knows everything about Australians, Debuted with several of them. What role do you really play? How much does it matter? These are the most frequently asked questions among Wallabies analysts. Is it the real enemy?

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All Sabato dates are November 21 on Sky Sports

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