Trevigiana gets her driver’s license in England but with Brexit it is no longer valid: everything needs rebuilding for the 23-year-old | Treviso today News

Trevigiana got her driver's license in England but with Brexit it is no longer valid: everything needs rebuilding on 23 years

Treviso – She came home years later in England. But now that the UK is no longer part of the European Union, it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. It’s all wrong to Brexit.

From January 1 2021, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is permanently outside Europe with everything that aligns with it politically, economically and practically. One of the main difficulties faced by those who choose to return to Italy is that of the validity of a driver’s license.

If previously, in possession of a driver’s license obtained in England, once the British certificate is transferred it can easily be transferred to the Italian certificate, this is no longer possible now. From January 1, British driving licenses are considered outside the European Union and in accordance with Article 135 of the Road Law, “holders of a driver’s license issued by a country outside the EU / EEA can drive vehicles on the Italian territory that qualify them for their driver’s license, provided they are not residents In Italy for more than a year. “

A big problem for those who, despite being Italian citizens, have returned from the UK and after obtaining their driver’s license there, have returned to Italy. As in the case of a 23-year-old woman from Treviso, who recently returned home after spending her university studies in London.

In fact, the girl will soon have to re-test the license again in order to spread because the test obtained in the UK is no longer valid.

Then the young woman turned to the lawyer Fabio Capraro of Studio Capraro to be able to solve a complex situation not only for her, but also for the thousands of students and workers who decided, after living through the canal, to return home. Cabraro went to work, immediately consulted civil mechanization, described the difficult situation of his client and requested a solution for all Italian citizens who would soon find themselves without a license, also worried about incurring the penalties stipulated in the law.

So far, bilateral negotiations are underway between Italy and the United Kingdom in order to restore mutual recognition of driver’s licenses, for the purpose of transfer.. “We hope that the national regulations will be amended as soon as possible, at least as far as the regulations regarding driving licenses for the rest of Europe are concerned,” Capraro concludes.

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