Trenitalia’s tenders are about to end with many job opportunities for professionals and graduates

The new year is about to begin and there are many who are hoping for renewed luck. Those who are looking for work still have time to take advantage of a good opportunity. In fact, Trenitalia’s tenders are nearing completion with many job opportunities for professionals and graduates snapped up.

On its website, the Italian state railway company offers permanent jobs with a deadline of January 3-9. Prohibited jobs vary, so requirements change. For this reason, some experience and specialized degrees are required. At the same time, jobs are offered where only a diploma is required. Additionally, each ad can be based in multiple cities in Italy. In the next paragraph we will see what these works and how to participate in the competition.

Trenitalia’s tenders are about to end with many job opportunities for professionals and graduates

The last bids were launched on December 22, 2021 as Technical Designer and Assistant Project Engineer (Bari, Naples, Milan, Rome and Verona). Requirements are a master’s degree in electrical or electronic engineering, or communications engineering. Knowledge of design standards and rules in the railway technology sector, use of AutoCAD software and planning is also required. Assistants are also being sought for technological works (Genoa, Milan, Verona and Rome).

We are also looking for Telecom Planners (Rome) with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering or Telecom Engineering field. Required experience of not less than two years. In Lazio, FS is looking for a Designer in Geology to prepare geological, hydrogeological and seismic studies with a Master’s degree in Geosciences and Technologies.

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Another call is looking for a Sustainability Specialist (Rome) who supports activities related to the topic of Climate Change, Green Deal, Supply Chain Management, Green Procurement, etc. In this case, a degree in architecture, construction or environmental engineering is required. The list is available on the dedicated page. All of these tasks require a good level of English, even technical.

for graduates

With only the Diploma of the Technical Institute, specialists (Verona, Reggio Calabria) in the environmental control of construction sites are required to ensure their supervision, take care of inspections and provide technical support. With a surveyor diploma, you are looking for a planner of construction sites, overlapping of underground facilities and a business assistant for the construction of civil works.

Cartographer/Print Designer (Rome) with Diploma in Surveyor and excellent knowledge of Photogrammetry, Restoration Cartography and Topographic Surveying is also required. An electrician or electrician technician (Messina) number with IMO/STCW qualifications and certification, Marine Training Certificate in Passenger Ship Service, and First Aid is also required. There are many other open jobs prohibited by state railways available in next link.


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