Treasury is ready to pass the decree

There is white smoke for extracts folders up to 5 thousand euros from 2000 to 2010. Mini government pardon my biker, expected from supports, needs an ordinance from the Treasury to be finally brought down to earth: From the Treasury, they told that providing the methods and dates for debt cancellation, expected on June 21 and finished in the Board of Delayed Ordinances, would arrive in the coming hours. Final details have yet to be provided, but compared to what Sostegni founded, there will be no surprises. The amnesty covers about 16 million files, including unpaid taxes, interest and fines. The amnesty is not available to the wealthy, due to the established income limit: only taxpayers with income equal to or less than 30 thousand euros in 2019 are entitled to write-off. In more detail, analyzing a sample of about 3 million people, it was estimated that about 83 percent of people with debts of up to 5 thousand euros owed to them in the period from 2000 to 2010 would be able to benefit from the amnesty because in 2019 they had no income. exceed 30 thousand euros. In general, we are talking about millions of interested taxpayers.

dismissals, the government puts an end to the siege. Exclude the most crisis sectors, from textiles to fashion. Tax records, postponed to August 31


The cost of the operation is just over 666 million euros, but if the value of the files that have already committed to cancel the account, balance and extracts from the count is reversed, the bar drops to about 215 million euros. As the Internal Revenue Collection Agency also notes, “Debts subject to write-off also include those that may be in the foreclosure, balance, and write-off payment plans.” So in the fire lit by Sostegni also ends the collected volumes. Invoices notified after December 31, 2010 will also be liquidated, provided that the collection agency is authorized before that date. Initially, the amnesty applied for a longer period, that is, all debts up to 5 thousand euros entrusted from 2000 to 2015, in this case the files affected by the measure were more than 60 million and the cost of the scissors. It could amount to 2 billion euros, to be distributed over 2021 and 2022. Then a step back with a narrowing of the time frame covered by the intervention: in this way the amount of roles allocated to amnesty has been significantly reduced, i.e. by about 75 per cent. Moreover, the concentration of bad debts is now more severe between 2000 and 2010 and this also makes the new financial peace lighter. On the other hand, amounts paid before the date of cancellation remain definitively earned.

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Cashback program closes June 30: Stop prizes expected in the second half and in 2022

Finally, cancellation does not apply to some types of loads. Debts relating to traditional EU private resources and value-added tax collected on imports, those derived from the recovery of state aid considered unlawful, as well as those relating to fines, fines and pecuniary penalties are outside the scope of amnesty due as a result of criminal convictions and penalties. The 30 days that the government gave to the Ministry of Finance to reform the standards to be adopted in the extract began with a decree with the entry into force of the law on transformation from the Sostegni decree last May 21. Once the Mef decree arrives with the methods and dates for debt cancellation of up to 5 thousand euros, it will be up to the revenue collection agency to determine which folders fall within the audience of those to be deleted. He will have to check with the Revenue Agency what income is taxable in 2019 for people who have debts of up to 5 thousand euros for roles assigned to them before 2010. After that it will be canceled automatically (there are no obligations by taxpayers to cancel volumes). The cancellation of old tax invoices, as explained at the time by the Prime Minister, is the result of a malfunction in the collection mechanisms. And in any case, it should interest a small audience, because of the risks identified by Sostegni. In short, if it is true on the one hand that it is an actual pardon, on the other hand it would be expected to have a limited effect.


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