Traveling with Eugene Levy available on Apple TV+

As the world finally begins to move again, first cautiously and suspiciously, then frantically, and again as in pre-pandemic, it reaches a AppleTV+ A new docu-series that has its beating heart precisely in the value of travel and discovery.

titled Traveling with Eugene Levy It is led by the Emmy Award-winning actor of Schitt’s Creek who guides us to eight locations around the world. From northern Europe to the desert heart of the United States to Venice or the rainforest, Levi reaches out to unexplored places, luxurious locations, huts in the middle of nowhere, deserts, plains, glaciers, forests, lakes, and volcanoes. In short, he travels (always in perfect safety, of course) to discover particular places, uses, and customs of a place, with a cautious curiosity, as he himself declared, never his overriding quality. The key to the series, however, is here, in the protagonist’s reluctance to travel, so much so that it is originally titled The reluctant traveler (The reluctant traveler).

The series follows Levi as he travels to some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world, enjoying exciting adventures with new friends, including deep-bath diving in the Maldives, ice-floating in Finland, and dealing with the Navajo Nation in Utah. , a sailboat drive in Lisbon, a taste of food culture in Tokyo, and a trip to the jungles of Costa Rica. Along the way, Levi also stays at exceptional hotels, including the historic Gritti Palace in Venice and a hotel suspended over a railway track above Kruger National Park in South Africa.

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Traveling with Eugene Levy Available on Apple TV+ on February 24.

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