Traveling abroad: There are no swabs in France, Spain and Germany if you have been vaccinated

Vaccination permit

The real passport is represented by an acknowledgment that you have received the vaccination for at least 14 days with one of the medicines approved by the European Union: Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca. Four weeks will be required instead for those vaccinated with a single dose of Johnson & Johnson.

Countries that are still in the “red zone”

Countries with the most severe cases of the epidemic remain in the red: South Africa, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Suriname, Turkey, Uruguay: He will arrive only for “inevitable reasons”, with a negative streak and there will be a quarantine obligation between 7 and 10 days upon arrival on French soil.

An EU Commission spokesperson said that “the ability for vaccinated people to travel freely within the EU without being subjected to restrictions such as quarantine and mandatory testing – is one of the key updates we have proposed to the Council’s recommendations on the free movement of people.”

Mode to enter other countries

while the Great Britain – which is experiencing a re-emergence of infection due to the spread of the Indian type – the borders are closed, and already in May Berlin expected, by law, to reopen the vaccination certificate for Europeans, as well as Greece. Italy will no longer be considered a coronavirus risk area as of next Sunday كورونا Germany. Those entering Germany from Italy by land will not have to observe the restrictions. Therefore, there is no obligation even to register online. While those arriving by plane are still required to present a negative test at the entrance (particle or antigen) or a document proving complete vaccination for 14 days or recovery from Covid. over there Spain Open from Monday 7 June for vaccinated Europeans (second dose for at least 14 days) who will not need a tampon, while Switzerland Vaccine certification is required as of May 31.

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Garavaglia: Immediately like France, well everyone vaccinated

To enter Italy, you still need a smear. But things could change soon. “The European Green Corridor is an ongoing study, there is discussion about improvements, but I think now, it is a matter of weeks, we will finally have common rules and simplicity, the problem for the operators and the tourists themselves is to figure out how it moves. France says “If they are vaccinated, everyone has come to us, Yesterday I called Speranza and told him that we must do it too,” said Tourism Minister Massimo Garavaglia in his speech at the Trento Festival of the Economy.

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