Travel “contactless” thanks to automatic check-in kiosks

Automated kiosks for UAE, Which is used for self-check-in and drop baggage, has been further enhanced with touchless functions, in order to make the ‘contactless’ travel experience of Emirates customers transiting through Dubai smarter and safer. The kiosks made their debut in September 2020 at Dubai International Airport (DXB).

The 32 self-service drop-off kiosks and 16 dedicated check-in kiosks can now be fully controlled via your mobile device. A solution that allows customers not to touch screens. Thanks to the innovative Emirates airline kiosks, customers of the Emirates airline can independently check-in, receive a boarding pass, choose seats on the plane and leave their luggage. In addition, new functions have been implemented that allow, for example, passengers to purchase additional services, such as an extra baggage allowance.

I Kiosks for self-check-in, In the region Economy Terminal 3 for check-in and office support Emirates airline operators manage to reduce wait times during peak times, making the experience of traveling with Emirates even more enjoyable. The service is now available to customers flying to all destinations except the United States, Canada, China, India and Hong Kong (due to additional requirements for these destinations). Additional kiosks will be installed in the check-in area in First and Business Class.

Emirates Airlines has focused its efforts on providing an intelligent, contactless travel experience to its customers. To this end, travelers can also choose to use the integrated dynamic route at Dubai Airport. Thanks to the latest in facial biometrics technology, Emirates Airlines passengers can check-in, complete procedures at immigration offices, access the Emirates lounge and board their flights simply by strolling through the airport.

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The Smartless Smart experience also continues on board, thanks Digital menus available on the Emirates app It allows customers to consult listings directly from their device, whether online or offline.

The Emirates App can also be used to create your favorite playlist, choose from over 4,500 ICE channels (the Emirates Award-winning in-flight entertainment system), and then sync it once on board. Over the next few months, passengers will also be able to control the on-board displays directly from their devices.

Emirates Airlines uses smart technologies to enable its customers to travel safely and continues to invest in products and services that provide an unparalleled travel experience, whether in the air or on the ground.

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