Travaglio to La7: “Schlein is anthropologically furthest from old Pd. With Conti he would have less trouble finding each other”

“victory Eli Shlain in Primary Pd What about the time difference between the first and second round? It is explained by the difference in height, which is now abyssBetween the apparatus and the base, i.e. between the voices of opinion that are not subject to censorship and those that are monitored. It was clear that the establishment was rooted for Bonaccini. But there has been a major revolt of the people against the elites for at least 10 years. When elites nominate one candidate, people regularly vote for the other, unless the vote is controlled.” are spoken words a Half past eight (A7) by d connector Everyday factMarco TravaglioTo which he adds: “Now I see that There is a whole rush of the big establishment press to warn Eli Schlein: “woe if you deviate from”Read the agendafromDragon Agenda And fromAtlantic AgendaBut that is exactly what they voted for. Eli Schlein is the furthest anthropologist from everything the Democratic Party has stood for since its birth.

Travaglio notes, “I think the voters voted for Ellie Schlein because they hope she can become different from herself, given that she For the sake of a quiet life, he renounced his pacifism and voted for the Meloni government’s rearmament decree. In the past year, however, he has taken more skeptical positions on rearmament – and he continues – but anyway I think Schlein was voted out for being new, not leftBecause this unites all elections in and out of the Democratic Party in the last ten years. You always vote for what seems to guarantee change.”

About the future relationship between Joseph ContiLeader M5sAnd the new Democratic Secretary, Travaglio predicts that they will be less difficult than that which existed between Conte himself and Enrico Letta. He explains the reasons: “In the meantime, Eli Schlein practically joined the Democratic Party the day before yesterday Thus, he cannot be accused of anything the Democratic Party has done. When Letta promised to cancel Jobs law and the RosatilumEveryone replied that these laws were made by the Democratic Party. They won’t be able to tell Eli Schlein that now and that’s a huge advantage.”
And he concludes: “I also remember that in 2013 with the campaign occupied pd Schlein began to compete with the party, and this was the first time with the party’s white coup Sniper 101 vs. Brody Then with the second white coup for re-election NapolitanoThis agreement is prevented with M5s Pepe Grillo May be proposed in the event of an election Stefano Rodota The Quirinale has Democratic votes and 5 stars. So, it’s a lost date. We have lost 10 years“.

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