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Title: Ukrainian Legislators Accuse Cuba of Supplying Mercenaries to Putin’s Regime, Leaked Documents Reveal Cuban Presence in Russian Military

In an alarming revelation, Ukrainian legislators have accused Cuba of providing mercenaries to support Vladimir Putin’s regime. Leaked documents have surfaced, shedding light on the presence of Cuban conscripts within the Russian military.

The controversy deepened when Cuban authorities announced the uncovering of a human trafficking ring responsible for recruiting Cuban men into the Russian army. These shocking revelations have caught the attention of Cuban news outlet CiberCuba and influencer Alain Paparazzi Cubano, who have further reported on the Cuban recruits in the Russian military.

According to reports, Cuban men are being flown directly from Varadero to Russia, with onward flights to Moscow. A regional Russian publication has even documented Cuban nationals signing contracts with the Russian military and subsequently being sent to Ukraine.

The Cuban men who join Russia’s international battalions, including non-Russian-speaking troops, often find themselves signing contracts and being sent straight into war zones. As a result, many of them disappear, leaving their families searching desperately for them.

In a harrowing account, two Cuban teenagers, Alex Rolando Vegas Díaz and Andorf Antonio Velázquez García, shared their ordeal. They were initially offered construction work but ended up being deployed to the trenches in Ukraine. The teenagers were promised salaries, Russian citizenship, and had their Cuban passports confiscated upon arrival.

Further reports suggest that these recruits are sent to army bases in Russia before being dispatched to Ukraine, where they are subjected to poor treatment. The dire economic conditions in Cuba play a significant role in driving these men to join the Russian military, as they are enticed by sign-up bonuses and monthly salaries.

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The exploitation of vulnerable Cuban men extends beyond the recruitment process. Facebook user Elena Shuvalova has reportedly been assisting Cubans with paperwork to sign contracts with the Russian army. Meanwhile, Alain “Paparazzi Cubano” Lambert exposed a Russian recruiter’s contact information, linking him to the teens’ traumatic experience.

Shockingly, Russian billionaires are providing financial incentives for contract soldiers being sent to Ukraine. This adds a new dimension to the revelations, highlighting the complexity and deeply concerning nature of this covert operation.

As the international community grapples with this revelation, questions arise regarding the responsibility and accountability of both the Cuban and Russian authorities. The implications of these findings go far beyond geopolitical tensions, as they expose the exploitation of vulnerable individuals and highlight the need for better protections against human trafficking and coercion.

“The News Teller” will continue to closely monitor this situation and provide updates on this developing story.

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