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‘Transgender women should not compete in women’s sports’

by Remy Morandi

about Boris Johnson The Transgender women They should not compete in women’s sports. British Prime Minister said, speaking at the thorny controversy that arose in Britain after Emily BridgesOne Transgender cyclistI was Excluded From the Omnium National Championships in Derby, England.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 57, said: “Transgender women should not compete in women’s sports.”

After a scandal LGBTQ+ International Conference canceled In the UK, a new storm broke out over the British Prime Minister. In fact, during a visit to a hospital in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, Boris Johnson actually stated: “I don’t think so. biological males They must compete in women’s sporting events. And this may be controversial…but it seems reasonable to me.”

Within the Conservative government, opinions on the issue are divided, with some saying that sporting bodies should make a decision on the matter. Prime Minister Johnson, however, expressed himself clearly: “If this puts me in conflict with others, we must solve the problem. This does not mean that he is not very sympathetic to him.” People who want to change gender. We give people the utmost love and support in making these decisions, but these are complex issues and cannot be resolved with quick and easy legislation. He concluded that it takes a lot of thinking to solve it the right way.”

It would also take a lot of thought, but in the meantime Boris Johnson made it clear: “Transgender women should not compete in women’s sports.” The question arose after arriving at the station Emily Bridgesa transgender athlete banned from the National Cycling Championships.

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Emily Bridges, a 21-year-old transgender British cyclist, cannot compete in the Omnium National Championship because she is “not eligible to participate in this event”, says the UCI

Last Saturday, Emily Bridges was scheduled to compete in the Omnium National Track Derby. But then the UCI decided not to allow the 21-year-old to take part in the competition because “Not eligible to participate for this event.” So reported British Cycling, the main British governing body for cycling in Britain. After the hiatus, the young athlete issued a statement asking Explanations about this decision. In fact, the cyclist stated that she provided all the medical evidence and documents needed for the competition.

What the regulations say for transgender athletes in the UK

But the International Cyclists Union said no, based on systems For transgender people from British cycling. According to UK regulations, transgender female cyclists must have Testosterone levels Less than five nanomols per liter for 12 months prior to competition. Emily Bridges said she provided both British Cycling and the UCI with proof that she met the eligibility criteria, including “my testosterone level which in the past 12 months has been well below the regulatory limit”.

Emily Bridges was deemed ‘ineligible to participate’ in the Omnium National Track Championships in Derby, England. She replied: I am an athlete. I just want to run”

Emily Bridges: “I’m an athlete, I just want to run”

In the version released online, after providing details of her story, Emily Bridges allowed herself to go on to comment: “I’m an athlete and just want to run competitively again. I hope they reconsider their decision in line with the regulation. Nobody should choose between what It is on him and between participating in the sports they love.” But in the end, Emily Bridges did not participate in that sports competition. And not only. Because today, four days after that story, on its first show, Boris Johnson vetoed him, for now only with the words: “Transgender women should not compete in women’s sports.”

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