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With a long post on the official website, Amazon game developers have unveiled the upcoming news new world In particular the introduction of a new function game over, the Diverted expeditionThese are basically expeditions with variable rates that change every week and have many rewards to be had.

This and other news coming in the near future of the New World, will be available soon PTRE server of the MMO, so that players can try it out and provide feedback before it’s merged into public servers.

As explained by the developers, the main novelty is Expedition Transformers Which boosts “normal” and “named” enemies in Expeditions, thus changing the way the battles are played and the strategies players will have to adopt in order to win. There are many rewards you can get, including new equipment and resources, which provide additional means to increase your energy level.

Amazon Games explains, “This system is designed to swap out a unique set of explorations and diversions each week, with 10 difficulty levels for quick diversion. Players will be challenged to succeed, with the goal of eventually reaching the maximum difficulty.” Moreover, the developers promise that the biggest difficulties will be “very difficultIt is suitable for the most competitive players.

Among the novelties coming to the new world of PTR, we also find dark shards Allowing you to raise the level of an object from 600 to 625. Likewise, the skill level cap has also been raised to the same level. Dark Shards can be obtained by completing transformed explorations, crafting a 600 Gear Point item when the player’s experience with the item is also at 600, and unlocking a Plaster Cast when your item experience is also 600.

There are also changes to the scale, improvements to the combat system and much needed Lower prices for express travel. For all other news coming to the new world, we refer you to Posted on the game’s official website.

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