Tracing is ‘Graphic’s greatest discovery’, beyond ray tracing –

nvidia Availability of first information related to Traceroutea new real-time graphics technology, known as “the greatest discovery […] The past few years.” Aaron Levon shared on Twitter a series of videos showing real-time scenes revealing track tracing, and these scenes were shown at GDC.

The TracerouteBy its Nvidia mod, it’s referred to as “the most accurate way of rendering” and one of “the greatest breakthroughs in real-time graphics in many years.” The technology relies on the use of billions of triangles and millions of light emitters to render a scene in real time. In short, it’s a step up from the ray tracing that computers and consoles use today.

However, it is not clear when it will be possible to use path tracing in a commercial product. Nvidia just introduced this technology – it will likely be years before game developers can use it in video games. Below you can also see a file Comparison of different technologies According to Nvidia.

Comparison of Path Tracing and Other Nvidia Technologies
Comparison of Path Tracing and Other Nvidia Technologies

The full explanation of the technology is available at Nvidia site.

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