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Toyota-GM, the eternal rivalry in the US – Auto World

period before Toyota to General Motors In the United States, it was completed in 2021, when for the first time in history the Japanese giant collected a number of sales higher than those recorded by the American group in the United States. Overtaking that literally lifted Akio Toyoda, the CEO of the semi-homogeneous Japanese automaker, who admitted he let himself go into something improbable. jubilation dance: “I actually did a happy little dance in my office. Luckily, no one saw it!”

The numbers are on hand, however, the result that Toyota achieved abroad was truly worthy much satisfaction: Over the past year, GM’s home country registrations fell 13% to 2.2 million vehicles, down sharply from 2.5 million units sold in 2020, while Toyota’s registrations increased 10.4% to 2.3 million units. Sold.

However, according to the Japanese automaker, this comeback is not considered a car Access Point For the company itself, noted Jack Hollis, senior vice president of Toyota North America, “We’ve outperformed GM in sales, but to be clear is not our goal, also because we don’t think it will last over time.” Perhaps Toyota itself is convinced that what affected the negative results of General Motors was the imperfect management of supply chains by the American group, an aspect in which the Japanese giant acted most effectively. However, it is not excluded that the situation may suffer in the future coup: We know that in the home country, for example, Toyota continues to deal with production cuts and the consequent downgrade in estimates (50,000 units lower in October alone). If the same text is repeated in the US as well, GM is ready to bounce back and attempt a counterattack.

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