Toyota Corolla test, specifications, opinions and dimensions 1.8 Hybrid Style

Arrive in 2023

We had the opportunity to drive a pre-series model (which is why there is a slight camouflage on the body) Toyota Corolla Which will reach the agents first 2023, even in a family version. Outside the changes are minor: a new grille texture, a different central appearance of the rear bumper and different interior “sculpts” of the lights. The real novelty is under the hood, where the fifth generation of Toyota’s hybrid system has appeared: the first vehicle to be installed will be the Corolla Cross, which will arrive in September (over here the details). It’s still too early to talk about it the prices (which we estimate will start at €29,000, a little more than today and in line with equally powerful competitors which, however, are light and not fully hybrid) and trim levels. It is only known that the design of the GR Sport has been confirmed, which does not have any mechanical modifications but has a slightly more aggressive appearance and seats with integrated headrests.

Strength is growing

Like today, there are two different types of Toyota Corolla: with 1.8 or 2.0 engine. The first we traveled passes From 122 to 140 HP Combined, with an advertised 0-100 improvement of 1.7 seconds and no change in official consumption. On the other hand, the “2 liter” engine sees the combined power increase from 184 to 196 hp, while reducing the thirst for gasoline. While the planetary gear drive and four cylinders are fundamentally unchanged, it is the electric units that change often. The main traction extends from 72 to 95 hp and is managed by a new program. The Japanese technicians’ goal, in fact, was to allay two of the most common criticisms leveled at Toyota hybrids: reply flex“When the gas pedal is depressed (that is, with a delay, followed by a rise in the number of engine revs) and the so-called”scooter effect‘, this is the tendency of a gasoline unit to operate consistently at high revs when a significant amount of power is required, with negative implications for acoustic comfort.

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Immediately and silently

In our short driving test of Toyota Corolla In the busy streets around Brussels, we have already noticed significant improvements in these two viewpoints. And we don’t count on memories: Toyota has made available a Corolla from those currently on the list for comparison in the field. In particular, the response to pressing the right pedal is faster, also thanks to the greater power of the current unit. Moreover, if you insist on the accelerator, the 1.8 is less surprising in acceleration, and even when it is running at a constant high speed, Its noise causes a little discomfort Because the engine compartment is well soundproofed. However, we intend to move this updated Corolla to roads that are less flat than those in the test, where the differences can be better perceived compared to those on the menu today.

Well-tuned controls

For the rest, it’s the “usual” Corolla (again, there are only minor changes to the suspension, from softer calibration, to electric power steering calibration) and that’s certainly not a bad thing: it drives easily, the brake pedal is well adjusted. Not a given in hybrid and electric cars, the energy recovery works in synergy with the calipers and discs. the new Toyota Corolla It is comfortable in all conditions, and now it is even safer: numerous driving assistance systems are already connected to new ones, which are not so widespread in this class of cars. For example, the car now steers on its own to avoid an obstacle (even at intersections) and warns if a vehicle or cyclist approaches from behind when we are about to open the door.

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responsive to mole

Like outside and inside too Toyota Corolla It changes a little: there is a completely new upholstery and, above all, a new 12.3-inch digital dashboard and a renewed multimedia system. The latter is based on a bright, responsive 10.5-inch panel (instead of an 8-inch panel), mounted in a clearly visible position. The program is also quite new: it convinces with its ease of use but, unfortunately, only shows one function at a time. This means, for example, that when using the navigator, the display does not indicate the name of the radio station or the song we are listening to (it can be read in the dashboard, but the appropriate function must be called, which hides the other information). The rest is unchanged, starting with the positive aspects, the controls are all physical, large and easy to use, starting with those in the “climate” of two zones.

Details will be reviewed

Even the charging pad for cell phones is the same as before: unfortunately, it has to be activated with a button (those of many other cars instead “hear” by themselves when placed over a compatible cell phone), it works not to integrate a cellphone stop ( There it pleases because it can be located between the pedals) and has buttons next to it for heating the seats (it happened that we accidentally activated them, while we were putting the mobile on the plate). Moreover, although the new lithium-ion battery Toyota Corolla Lighter and more compact, this did not improve the situation for those sitting on the sofa, under which the pool is located. The back of the abitacoo is not among the most generous and also lacks storage: in the doors there are only two small holders for drinks.

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In our opinion

> Driving assistant. Corolla has never been stingy with driving aids and is now adding new tools you rarely find: such as automatic collision-avoidance steering and warning for an oncoming person when the door is opened.
> comfort. Good insulation of noise (especially those of 1.8) and shock. The seats are well designed and the controls (all large and material) are practical to use.
> hybrid system. The improvement over the previous Corolla is appreciable: the car reacts earlier and more naturally to the “gas” pressure: we reserve the right to make a final verdict after more extensive testing (especially downhill).

> multimedia system interface. The new infotainment system is responsive and easy to use. But it’s not clear why it only shows one job at a time.
> charging pad. It must be activated with a button (it is enough to put a mobile on many competitors). In addition, its use may cause the seats to heat up.
> rear seats. This car isn’t among the most welcoming mid-size cars with a sofa: it lacks some legroom and a top. The only compartments are small.

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