Toyota C-HR Gr Sport | Proof of Il Fatto – the pepper SUV you wouldn’t expect – a photo

Toyota C-HR Gr Sport, Il test – the pepper SUV you wouldn’t expect – photo (Friday, January 22, 2021)

In recent years, Gazoo Racing has become an icon in the international auto scene: born in 2007 as a small private team dedicated to overseeing automotive From Toyota Over time, Cornerstone became increasingly associated with the Japanese company, until in 2015 it transformed into a division sportThe value-added tax of the parent company. This led to the birth of cars bearing the GR brand, such as the new 260 Hp GR Yaris or the GR Supra coupé, which also allowed the creation of clothes that wink into sportThe assets, named “GR sportWith this in mind, the Gazoo Racing brand has been expanded within the range Toyota Fits for C-HR GR sport: A compact SUV with new alloy wheels was proposed, … Read on ilfattoquotidiano

TwitterChrystia 94587090 RTtoyota_italia: Return of the Toyota Weekend Open. And in absolute grandmother! Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 January discover the new C-HR Hybrid GR Spor … – Nowovies : (Toyota C-HR Gr Sport, the prova of Il – Let’s be a drive : Toyota C-HR Gr Sport, la prova de Il – Marco Scafati 1 : #Toyota #CHRGrSport, #test #IlFattoquotidiano – #suv pepper you would not expect – photo – Daily Motor : The new Toyota C-HR GR Sport starts from 37,600 euros –

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