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Manlio Messina

Yesterday, the Board of Directors of FierEventi Confcommercio met with a regional tourism advisor Manlio Messina To talk about rebooting.

Trade fairs dedicated exclusively to operators, trade fairs open to the public, large entertainment events have been banned due to the pandemic for more than 14 months. The regulators and hundreds of employees in their companies and all related industries are minimized to the limit. Tired of asking for bonuses and financial support that don’t arrive or are remotely insufficient to keep companies and representatives on Proud eventsLed by the president Alessandro Lanzafam It aims to restart at least in the second half of the year and has requestedMessina’s advisor Helping to promote events and collaborate to establish protocols that allow events to be carried out safely.

Chancellor Messina realized that trade fairs, whether they are intended for sector operators or open to the general public, have enormous economic implications for the region and make an important contribution to tourism on the island, as they host an audience not only from Sicily but from all over Italy and often also from Outside, he worked to ensure maximum cooperation and a great willingness to work together at the technical tables to restart the large events sector.

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