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Tosia and Etruscans dance protagonists in the United States

new orleans – Dancer and choreographer Elisa Anzolotti spoke about the representations in the Tombs of Tarquinia at an important conference.

New Orleans – Tosia was the protagonist in dual capacity at an important conference in America where researcher Dr. Elisa Anzolotti – now an independent researcher – spoke about the dances depicted in the Etruscan tombs of Tarquinia.

Elisa Anzolotti

Organized by The Hague (Archaeological Institute of America), the international conference took place in New Orleans from January 5-8 in a hybrid format with scholars both in person and online.

The session of the Annual Meeting of the Interest Group in Archeology and Music on the theme: “Music, Sounds and Rhythmic Movements in Funerary Contexts of the Ancient World”, was organized by: Angela Pelia, Institute of Heritage Sciences – National Research Council of Italy, Regine Hunziker-Rodewald University of Strasbourg, France, Andre Ioanni, University of Strasbourg, France and coordinated by Angela Peglia and Erika Anglicker (British School of Athens).

Elisa Anzolotti

Elisa Anzolotti

Many topics covered by scholars from all over the world. The study sessions dealt with many topics such as excavations in Greece in different historical periods, health in ancient times, the concept of Orientalism in the Mediterranean and many others.

Elisa Anzolotti holds a PhD in Cultural Heritage with research on dance as an intangible cultural asset conducted in Italy and France.

A dancer and choreographer of different dance styles, she has been researching and experimenting with reconstruction hypotheses for ancient dances for several years that have converged in the book “Dance in Antiquity” and in various articles in scientific journals. Numerous publications and conferences in Italy and abroad.

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January 12, 2023

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