Toothache after brushing teeth? This may be the reason

Many feel some discomfort after brushing their teeth, which is a possible cause that leads to health problems.

How to brush your teeth properly (Image via Pixabay)

Many feel some discomfort after brushing their teeth, which is a possible cause that leads to health problems. As dentists always advise, we should after every meal brush your teeth well To remove any food residue. In this way we prevent tartar and tooth decay.

oral hygiene It is necessary, not only because it is a symptom of good health, but also to maintain a certain social status. Connecting with others begins with a smile, and it is important to have clean teeth and fresh breath. However, many people, after cleaning, experience various types of discomfort. based on what?

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The cause of tooth discomfort, what you need to know

The cause of dental discomfort
The cause of dental discomfort (Image via Pixabay)

The main, and even the most trivial, cause of dental discomfort is Toothbrush. Most people use their toothbrush poorly, which leads to gum injury. It hurts badly to brush your teeth and you need to perform calibrated and correct movements.

The movements to be performed go from bottom to top and vice versa, and they should be performed slowly and with little pressure. You should not irritate or injure the gums with the bristles of the toothbrush, which, among other things, must be equipped soft bristles. If you have sensitive teeth, the treatment is to use a specific toothpaste, possibly with a gel designed for the cause.

However, in most cases, dental discomfort is due to tooth decay. Even if your teeth look clean and healthy, feeling sore after brushing is not a good sign. Perhaps, in some invisible corner in the mirror, recesses are hidden. At this point, you should go to your dentist and have an examination.

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a Regular visit, at least once a year, it is a good habit, just to avoid such unpleasant situations. Never underestimate the importance of small problems in the oral cavity, because these problems, if not treated promptly and carefully, can worsen.

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