Toning exercise that helps you get high and shaped buttocks even at the age of 50

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is not just something that should be done at a young age. In fact, it is good at the table to try to limit the amounts of fatty and alcoholic foods, to make room for seasonal fruits and vegetables. Even trying not to sit too much can improve our overall health, as well as shape our physique.

It’s sure to be the desire of many to have a flawless hooded side and solid muscles. Even those who are in menopause or over the age of 50, if they do not suffer from certain diseases, can perform some useful exercises for skin tightening.

Moreover, if we strengthen the buttock muscles, the back can also find some relief. In addition to trying to maintain correct posture, we try to go up the stairs when we can and always use refreshments.

Toning exercise that helps you get high and shaped buttocks even at the age of 50

The exercises most suitable for lower back training are usually squats and lunges. In order not to risk getting hurt, it is good first to warm up and do the exercises in the right way.

Easier than this is the toning exercise that helps to get high and shaped buttocks even at the age of fifty. All you need is a simple mat to perform these 3 targeted exercises.

The first involves lateral impulses on the side, it will be necessary to lie on one side, resting the elbow on the floor, supporting the head. With a mallet foot and straight leg we raise the outer foot at the top, keeping the front view, then switch sides.

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The second exercise consists of back hops, while we are on all fours on the mat. Without arching the back, bring the leg back with the toe pointing outward. In both cases, it will be enough to perform 3 chains of 15 at the start.

The third exercise is the “bridge”, lie on the floor with your legs slightly bent and spread out and your arms at your sides. Applying force to the heels and tightening the buttocks, we raise the hips up, as if we were forming a bridge, for a few seconds. We repeat the movement 15 times and do 3 chains, if we do not train well

standing exercises

To strengthen the lateral part of the lower back, standing upright, with the back straight, we perform a lateral push-up of one leg, keeping the other end fixed to the floor. In the same way we can also do the back push, alternating with the legs.

Also in this case we do 3 sets of 15 for each leg. After completing the whole circuit, let’s do a few minutes stretchThis is to avoid pain and relax the trained muscles.


These simple exercises are enough to help increase muscle mass and have a flat stomach.

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