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In Raiuno, a new episode of Ulysses, The Pleasure of Discovery, with Alberto Angela. On Canale 5, the talent of Maria De Filippi, Amici.

Tonight on TV on Saturday 23 April 2022. Up Rightreea program Domenico AnaconeAnd there is I do here. Top Network 4 Instead, the comedy is shown even and odd With Terence Hill And Bud Spencer.

Tonight on TV on Saturday 23 April 2022, Al Rai

Top Rayono21.25 o’clock, program Ulysses the joy of discovery. On the occasion of the 96th birthday Queen Elizabeth IICelebrated on April 21, Alberto Angela It re-proposes the episode dedicated to the ruler of the United Kingdom, which aired in 2020. A journey in search of the authentic face of a queen who suffers from complex relationships with her husband, children, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren.

Top Rightree9.45 pm program what am I doing here. Tonight Domenico Anacone He returned to the council houses in the eastern suburbs of Rome, where he found himself Mirco Frieza, a man with a turbulent past, is now an actor working with his association. His destiny intersects with his own Nicolaa 45-year-old man, 27 of whom went to prison.

Top Rai 59.15 pm comedy show Italian stand up. On the Zelig stage, two more monologues with the name of satire. In this episode they perform in “stand upTwo young comedians: Vincenzo Comunale And David Calgaroo with him”This house is not bar“.

Mediaset, Nove and Real Time software

Top Channel 521.20 o’clock, talent friends. Evening stage of talent Maria de Filippi Coming to episode six. The final should be broadcast on Friday 13 May to avoid a confrontation with the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin. Until tonight, whoever is eliminated will receive a prize of 7,000 euros from one of the sponsors of the show.

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Top nineInstead, at 21.25, the documentary Putin climbs the Kremlin. Tonight’s episode traces the story of the extraordinary rise of Russian President Vladimir PutinFrom the KGB to the top of the Kremlin. Let’s find out how a poor boy from Saint Petersburg managed to become one of the most powerful leaders in the world.

Top At presentat 21.40, docu . reality Live on the edge. Larry You may have a second surgery to lose weight. The operation will give him a great opportunity for his career, but Larry He must also change his habits if he wants to succeed.

Movies Tonight Saturday 23 April 2022

Top Network 4at 21.25, the 1978 comedy film, written by Sergio CorbucciAnd even and oddWith Terence Hill Bud Spencer. To vanquish a gang of bookmakers, top cops entrust the case to ensign Johnny Firpo (Terence Hill). But the detective does not know the world of betting, so he asks for help from the truck driver Charlie (Bud Spencer) for years reluctant to the green tables.

Top Italy 1On the other hand, at 9.20 pm, the 2002 animated film, written by Chris WedgeAnd ice Age. 20,000 BC: All creatures migrate southward, driven by the advance of ice. Among them are the sloth master, the mammoth mane, and the tiger Diego. But then the three traveling companions turn around to do a mission: to help little Roshan,human cupWho actually lost his mother.

Top iris9.00 p.m. Thriller, 1997, written by Richard DonnerAnd conspiracy hypothesisWith Tendency Gibson. Jerry Fletcher, a neurotic taxi driver, sees intrigues everywhere and confides in Alice Sutton, a charming district attorney. But his theories are not as strange as they seem.

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Tonight on TV on Saturday 23 April, movies on Sky

Top Sky Cinema Oneat 9.15 pm, showing the 2014 drama film, written by Andrew NichollAnd good killWith Ethan HawkeAnd January Jones. The true story of Tommy Egana fighter pilot finds himself forced to revolutionize his habits when he begins piloting a drone known as drones.

Top Sky Cinema Dueat 9.15 pm, showing the drama film for the year 2021, written by Pedro AlmodvarAnd Madris ParallellasWith Melina SmitAnd Penelope Cruz. Janice and Anna, both single, share the hospital room where they give birth. Janice is an established woman, Anna is a fearful teenager. Thus, a strong bond is born between them.

Top Sky Cinema familyFinally, at 9:00 pm, the comedy film 2017, written by Lacey HallstromAnd here there legs!With Bryce Gilsar. Little Ethan rescues a golden retriever and names him Billy. From that moment on, a strong bond is established between the two, even years later, the dog gets sick and dies.

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