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You never expected to see the previous Tomb rider his job Boy Advance game? This open source project made this possible OpenLara, the flexibility that allows you to transform the title of Core Design for any system.

To get the work done, modifier XProger, as you can see, also uploaded a YouTube video of the game in action on real hardware, a video that quickly went viral because no one thought such a thing was possible. In fact, GBA hardware has never been great with 3D, and the cartridges weren’t big enough for a Tomb Raider.

Despite this XProger succeeded in the project. Of course, the frame rate is not very solid, but it does not matter, because we are still faced with a half-miracle. The mod has been working on a GBA version of Tomb Raider for over a year. At first he didn’t even believe that it was possible to succeed, but he still wanted to prove himself.

Currently Tomb Raider for GBA is still running alpha version It contains only the first three levels of adventure. However, XProger wants to make further improvements to the whole, as shown in the file Old forum portable fan consoleFinally, I was able to fit the entire game into a 32MB cartridge.

OpenLara was used for other ports of the Tomb Raider, which can now also be played on Xbox (first), 3DO, iPhone, and Nintendo 3DS.

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