Tomac and Roczen at the start of the SX World Championships in the UK


A photo from the Monster Energy Aus-X Open at Marvel Stadium in Melbourne on November 30, 2019.

Tomac and Roczen at the start of the SX World Championships in the UK

Eli Tomac and Ken Roczen will top the star-studded drivers list when the FIM Supercross World Championship kicks off on Saturday 8 October at Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, which will host the first round of the championship. SX Global, the Australian sports and entertainment company that leads the FIM World Supercross (WSX) Championship, today announced the British Grand Prix, the first round of the inaugural season of the 2022 World Supercross Championship which will take place on 8 October at Cardiff Principality Stadium. Wales – In addition to announcing the signing of 2021 left-handed champion Eli Tomac. October fans will have the opportunity to witness the challenge between the best supercross racers in the world.

Eli Tomac: “I am delighted to be going to Cardiff to compete in the British Grand Prix of Supercross for the world. It is a great opportunity for fans in the UK to witness the Supercross World Championship for the first time, and I am delighted to be a part of this historic moment for the sport. As I look forward to taking Kane head to head I also know there will be a lot of fast and talented riders from all over the world lining up for the World Championships. It will be an epic battle for sure.”

Adam Bailey CEO of SX Global: “Our mission with WSX is to spread supercross to a truly global audience and to give international fans the opportunity to experience this amazing sport at a world championship level firsthand. With the start of this world championship, the British Grand Prix marks a historic moment for supercross and fans will see the likes of Roczen, Tomac and a host of riders The other worlds are vying for the FIM Supercross Championship title!”

Mark WilliamsEmirate Stadium Manager: “We are delighted that Principato Stadium has been chosen to host the first round of the FIM World Supercross Championship. By hosting the first round of WSX, we look forward to bringing an exceptional experience to all supercross fans traveling to Cardiff and adding to our 20-year history of success with motorsport.”

WSX is a powerful blend of live motorsports and an exceptional amplification level of entertainment including live music, fireworks, free motocross shows and more, for an unforgettable experience for spectators. Principality Stadium will transform into the ultimate Supercross battlefield for an epic night full of intense action that can’t be missed. Ten teams and forty of the best drivers from around the world will compete for a prize pool of over $250,000 in cash and international prestige.

In December 2021, SX Global announced that it had secured the rights to the FIM World Supercross Championship. Over the past six months, the company has laid the foundation for the world’s first truly sporting world championship, including the highest level of financial support for teams and drivers in supercross history and ten exclusive team licenses based on an independent model. A common form in the most successful sports around the world, but completely unique to supercross. Now the fact is that this world championship crystallized with the announcement of the British Grand Prix.

Tony Cochran SX Global President: “The British Grand Prix in Cardiff represents a revolutionary moment in supercross history, as does the shared vision, passion and hard work of our SX Global team to elevate supercross to a truly world-class level. We believe the demand for supercross around the world can underpin the sport on the The year round and the FIFA World Supercross Championship will be the platform that makes it happen. The British Grand Prix and debut season 2022 are just the beginning, and there is a lot of work to be done. But we couldn’t be more proud of starting this path.”

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