Tom Daley’s Christmas message against homophobia in football

On the one hand, there is toxic masculinity, and on the other there is Tom Daley. Tom Daly in Christmas Sweaters, Tom Daly who leaves us speechless with his dip, Tom Daly who knits you by the pool, Tom Daley who hopes at Christmas that the world of sports will begin to fight homophobia seriously. Indeed, in light of the alternative Christmas message 2021 broadcast on Channel 4 Christmas Day that provides a less conventional alternative to the Queen’s speech, Daly spoke about the role of sport in promoting inclusion and respect:The diver said: ‘If I could wish for Christmas, next year it would be an incredibly brave player in the Premier League who would step up and say ‘I’m gay’»

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Daly criticized the decision to organize the upcoming men’s soccer World Cup in Qatar, where homosexuality is still illegal. Indeed, there are those who speak of “sports washing” arguing that many repressive governments use important sporting events to gain the approval of the Western public without doing much to advance human rights. “In 2022, the World Cup will be held in Qatar, the second most dangerous country on earth for gay peopleThe diver said: “Why do we allow places that are not safe for all fans and players to host our finest sporting events? It is an honor to host the World Cup. Why do we honor them? It is a great honor to hold the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Why do we honor the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

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Tom Daley at the Tokyo Olympics while practicing his favorite hobby, knitting

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Dali tells the sports world to stop turning away from homophobia. He stressed that many men’s sports are still places where a dominant masculinity is built to the point that among tens of thousands of professional soccer players around the world, Australian Josh Cavallo is the only top-level gay player. Daly commented, “Well Josh, your courage is incredible. But think for a moment how many players are afraid to speak up and how lonely they should be. Roughly 7% of people in the UK identify as gay or bisexual, and there are around 500 players in English Premier League. Statistically, this means that there will be enough gay players to form three football teams. There is at least one player like me in every Premier League club who is living a lie.” According to Daly, if you’re a top-level athlete, getting out becomes a crucial gesture: “It would inspire gays everywhere, give hope to thousands of teens grappling with their sexuality and save the lives of countless young people who I now feel like they have nowhere to be.” in this world “. (Now, though, we want a letter to Tom Daly for Christmas every year.)

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