Tollbooth, never do it at the checkpoint: €1,600 fine and driver’s license at risk

Motorway toll fines –

If you do this at a toll booth, you risk getting a €1,682 fine.

They often cause inconveniences while driving a car. It may sound strange, but there are situations when you are waiting roadblock From the toll booth so we could get through…and in no time we could get by more than 1600 euros than fine. Do you know what we’re talking about?

When we get to the toll booth, nothing new happens: As always, we open the window, put our hands up, pay, and then the barrier goes up. With a telepass, things are much simpler: we pass with a simple voice, without having to stop.

But things don’t always go our way. In fact, there may be very small problems, some unexpected, that can usually be fixed quickly and easily. However, very often, motorists go to panic They no longer know what to do. Let’s see what it is.

What to do if the toll booth is not working

For example, it can happen that the fee barrier is not working. Help! Any motorist would go crazy. But do not panic: nothing serious. First, let’s keep calm. All toll booths are usually equipped with qualified person Physically present or view anything from cameras. Therefore, in the event of problems or misunderstandings, the staff can help us and intervene to solve the problems. Simply press the red button and wait.

The reason why the barrier is not working may be simple flaw from the device. If this is the case, then it only takes a few minutes for you to fix the problem. In fact, the operator will intervene immediately, read the license plate number, and identify the user to let him pass through the raised barrier. If the device doesn’t work because it’s flat, don’t panic! Nothing is insoluble.

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Motorway toll fines –

Notice the opposite

When these things happen, we must not act wrongly, or worse, dangerousBecause we can cause accidents – or to receive large fines. Therefore, there is no reverse gear: you risk getting into fights with other vehicles. The same applies if you decide to escape by the toll booth: a really dangerous operation, which can only be carried out in emergency situations, or when there are no actual alternatives.

If the motorist commits these violations, he risks receiving a fine ranging from 419 euros and up to 1682 euros. And as if that weren’t enough, she was also removed 10 points of the driver’s licence. attention!

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