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Tokyo Olympics, US concerned about over 100 unvaccinated athletes – OA Sport

More than 100 out of 613. What are we talking about? From a large number, no doubt, it represents Unvaccinated athletes within the US team participating in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. The revelation, reported by ABC, comes directly from Jonathan Fenoff, medical director of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee, in association with 32nd Olympiad Opening Ceremony.

According to the medical director of Stars and Stripes, in fact, only 567 American athletes (on the above 613) They compiled their own medical records and from these records 83% confirmed that they had received the vaccine. “This percentage is actually a decent number and we are quite satisfied with it.” Venov explains to ABC.

The International Olympic Committee has estimated that about 85% of the Olympic Village residents have been vaccinated, so the trend for US teams is roughly the same compared to other countries out there, but What is worrisome is the sheer size of the American contingent, with about 100 athletes still on display.

“The best you can do is assume that everyone is at risk and reduce it by introducing Covid-19 mitigation measures that know how to work” Vinov continues. In short, the American unit understands that the stakes will not be lost, but the heroes will have to live with them throughout their stay in the Japanese capital.

So far, two American athletes, a beach volleyball player Taylor Crab e Kara Ecker, The gymnastics team reserves, it has tested positive for Covid-19, while the International Olympic Committee has reported 13 positive among all athletes in Japan so far.

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